Editor’s Note: The 1 and "only" Site that states the "hidden" TRUTH ABOUT SILVER strengths:

Most other silver manufacturers are selling you a “toy” silver of 20 p.p.m. (parts per million) to 300 p.p.m..

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They are selling you a “toy” airplane (toy silver), but trick you into buying, by still saying they are selling you an airplane.

We categorically state that any silver Web Site that says or infers that Silver ppm (parts per million) strength does “not” determine effectiveness is an outright lying Web Site. Silver is allopathic (more ppm concentration=more effectiveness) and has been for 6000 years, as Silver is “not” Homeopathic (in homeopathy tinctures ((dilutions)) of solutions are used for effectiveness).
The plain Scientific fact is that “any type” of weak silver solution under 500 ppm is "not" as effective as a 5,000 ppm solution. This is a fact of Science and “cannot” be refuted, unless you put up a lying Website to deceive the public so you can sell weak solutions at great profit via the lying Web site.

We are the only manufacturer that will sell a “true” colloid of Silver of up to 10,000 p.p.m. (available to Health Practitioners) and an effective 2,000 p.p.m., and a powerful 5,000 p.p.m. directly to the people.

Most silvers sold are only at an average of under 300 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m..

There is no contest between our 5,000 p.p.m. to 10,000 p.p.m. solutions when compared against the 20 p.p.m. to 300 p.p.m. toy airplane silvers that are marketed on the Internet.

Please consider the truth, and read and compare the p.p.m. listed on the bottles of the weak 300 p.p.m. down to 20 p.p.m. solutions of our competitors (solutions that are also mostly weak “ionic” silver solutions) and their claims;

against our Scientific Data <<<"click on word Scientific" (not hearsay testimonials) and our 5,000 p.p.m. to 10,000 p.p.m. true colloidal silver products.

As an informed person you can then choose to make the proper informed intelligent decision at your discretion. Just remember to compare in your mind:

an airplane that can carry 3 lbs. vs. one that can carry 10,000 lbs..

Which airplane would you put yourself into that would actually carry you?

Which airplane would you choose to get into? One that can carry 3 lbs., or one that can carry 10,000 lbs.?

(This above editorial note was put forth in the public interest, for the benefit of people to now know the “Truth” about solutions).

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Data and up-to-date Scientific studies on silver protein and colloidal silver, with links to:
Silver benefits, silver dosage, natural antibiotics, HIV treatment and Lyme Disease treatment.
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Important: If you take silver you "MUST" read this.

Congratulations! By reading this you have displayed your wisdom with your interest in silver. We would like to help you expand your knowledge and choose the right product for you. Information is your right, your protection, and our ally.

Please continue reading this page, and check out our links. The best, most current, and most impartial information on silver is at http://www.xpressnet.com/bhealthy. . If after reading it you choose not to try our product, we will have still achieved our goal - an educated public. Be sure to read The Truth About Silver.

Competitors and charlatans have been giving our industry a bad name by:
Producing and selling unstable "ionic" colloidal silver called "Colloidal Silver".
The truth is that "unstable" "ionic colloidal silver" can be made simply, and cheaply with:

  1. No laboratory
  2. No quality control
  3. No GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices and Guidelines)
and it can be made almost anywhere, be it a garage, or a basement, or a backroom or bathroom; and ionic colloidal silver can be made in almost anything- be it a pail, a sink, or even a bathtub!!! And its quality lasts about as long as the tub water stays hot. If you want results: do "NOT" buy ionic Colloidal Silver commonly sold under the name "Colloidal Silver". Ionic colloidal silver has never been credited with efficacy in Medical Journal reports.

The product that gave the results was composed of "ATOMS" of silver.
We distribute only silver composed of "ATOMS". For results you need "ATOMS" of Silver, "not" toxic ions of silver called and misbranded as Colloidal Silver (which should be correctly named ionic silver and not even have the word colloidal on its label).
Again we distribute only Silver composed of “ATOMS” of silver at the powerful 5,000 p.p.m. (parts per million), and at 10,000 p.p.m. for Practitioners.

Well known supplement Companies, multinational health food stores, and backyard promoters with 20 p.p.m. to 300 p.p.m. ionic silver solutions are so crooked and deceitful that they take the Medical Journal data that only applies to our INVIVE type of “compounded” Silver composed of ATOMS of powerful silver formulation, and apply it to their ionic products.

It is like a toy airplane company advertising itself as selling B-52 multi four engine multi ton bombers, when in fact they sell nothing but a toy airplane. But they trickily say they have and will sell you an airplane. But they will not tell you it is a “toy” airplane.

Some individual think they are getting results from the toy airplane because most individuals who take electro-colloidal silver are knocking out Candida (yeast) infections, and that is the reason they feel better. A weak 20 p.p.m. to 20 p.p.m.. electro-colloidal silver "will" knock out yeast the same way a toy airplane can carry a paper pilot but it cannot carry a serious bacterial or viral load.
It is impossible for a toy airplane to carry the same load as a B-52 bomber, and yet the electro-colloidal silver makers use the silver data that is only applicable to our type of INVIVE silver on their electro-colloidal silver claims.

All the Medical Journal Data reported on silver curing 650 different diseases is based on "compounded" chemical silver formulations of Silver and “not” on "electro"-colloidal silver water.

The Medical Data is "NOT" based on "electro"-colloidal silver water because weak "electro"-colloidal silver was never in the Medical Journal reports from 1902 through 1947. What was used was "compounded" formulations of silver which were non electric "non electro-colloidal" formulations. Yet electro-colloidal multinational Corporations, and popular big name Vitamin Stores, and backyard producers: All fraudulently state that 'silver' has been used to cure 650 diseases; but do not tell you “their” silver is "not" the same silver. They tell you they will sell you an airplane-but they do not tell you their silver is a toy airplane.

5,000 p.p.m. now available to EVERYONE during this time of terrorist attacks and possible biological E.G. Anthrax germ WARFARE.

Our laboratories in North America utilize compounded "atoms" of silver, suspended in solution by protein molecules, in order to produce the stable solution known as Mild Silver Protein. This makes our silver extremely stable, more potent, and the best high p.p.m. (up to 20,000 p.p.m.) silver product in the world today. Our silver is manufactured utilizing only the highest compounding standards, and only the purest highest quality components in the World, (our Silver is pure (( .9995)) which is the "Highest Purity" possible in the world for our compounded types of proprietary silver), plus the unique unmatchable formulation resulting in "THE" unparalleled synergistic superior Silver called ARGENTOPROTENIUMMITETRONIC - INVIVE. We would like to help you. Our goal is your health!