INVIVE 30 Facts:

Invive 30 is high quality Microscopic Silver Preparation in distilled water that has been prepared with careful quality control by our Laboratory. Advantage Pharmaceuticals, will ship this product with insulation to protect against freezing, and ensure safe arrival.

The concentration is 30 ppm. to a high degree of accuracy. The silver particles are extremely fine, charged and suspended in distilled water with the aid of a special protein molecule. This permits a higher concentration to stay in solution than with colloidal silver products, without losing its effectiveness.

The solution comes shipped in a 4 oz. fl. U.S./118.291 ml.(c.c.) amber Boston round bottle. As a dietary supplement the normal dosage is 2.5 ml./c.c.(1/2 tsp. ((teaspoon))) per day/or per the advice of your Health Care Professional.

How to obtain INVIVE 30:

Invive 30 can be ordered by contacting Advantage Pharmaceuticals. Order

Price - ($49.99 ) regular price per bottle. Introductory sale price is only 39.99! on orders of 12 bottles or more. Prices are in Canadian dollars per 4 oz bottle, plus shipping.

Delivery - Within 1 - 3 working days.

Telephone 1 800 877-5097

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