Pioneer's Use of Silver

How did they purify the water?

Pioneers trekking across this continent generations ago not only faced hostile Indians and many hardships, but also required sufficient safe drinking water. Heat, dust and unsanitary conditions such as a communal dipper, compounded the water purity problem. Using the discovery of ancient Greeks, the pioneers used silver and copper coins to keep the water potable.

In oaken casks hanging on the sides of the wagons they placed silver and copper coins. As the wagons rolled over the prairies, the water would slosh and move in the casks. This action caused the coins to release ions which killed bacteria. The silver coins discharged silver ions which killed bacteria and prevented future growth. The copper coins produced copper ions which killed and prevented the buildup of algae.

Thus on their long, slow journey these hearty people had a constant source of potable water.

In the late 1800's electrical impulses were added to copper and silver bars to enhance the effectiveness of ionization. It was in 1950 when ion purification was introduced to swimming pools. Thirty years of development and field testing has gone into this product.

One thing was certain. To keep pool water clean and in balance required a lot more than attaching a wire to two electrodes. A number of 'lab tested' ionization units appeared on the market and promptly disappeared or created so many problems that pool dealers and builders became gun shy and stayed away from ionization.

Today, ionic purifiers use two copper electrodes impregnated with silver. The electrodes are charged positive and negative. When a small milliamp current passes between the two bars, microscopic ions of silver and copper are discharged into the water. The silver ions kill bacteria and help prevent future bacteria growth, while the copper ions kill algae and prevent their growth.

Until recently, the major concern of pool builders was the excessive buildup of copper which in many cases resulted in "blueing" of plastered/mortised pool walls.

The new ionic purifiers are a result of today's technology. The past problems of ionization, the varied conditions of pools, the fluctuating water chemistry levels, the attentiveness of pool owners, all sorts of conditions went into massive computers. Consultations of top engineers in electronics, plating, water chemistry and manufacturing contributed in a coordinated effort lasting one year to debug ionization and produce a product that would not only live up to its standard but provide an excellent honest-to-goodness profit for dealers.

Owners of pools and spas can now bathe without the side effects of chlorine. No more red eyes, dry skin, hair damage or faded and sagging bathing suits. The family fun, exercise area just became a more healthier, fun, exercise area.

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