If you want the original "effective" Silver formula that worked from 1902 
-1947 and was used by all the Doctors and the fantastic results that were 
reported in the Medical Journals (but was taken off the market because the 
big Drug Companies could not keep the price at $1000 an ounce) you have 
found it.

Invive is compounded with components matching the original Medical Journal 

So Congratulations! By reading this you have displayed your wisdom with 
your interest in silver. We would like to help you expand your knowledge 
and choose the right product for yourself. Information is your right, your 
protection, and our ally.

Be advised right from the start that we do "NOT" and will "NOT" distribute 
unstable variable result-no result electro-colloidal silver. We only 
distribute the formulated Silver that the Doctors and Medical Journals 
utilized and reported about from 1902 to 1947.

The only "TOTAL" truth about Silver Preparations on the whole Internet is 
found here on this site and links. We were the "first" and "only" Company 
to be on the Internet with Silver way back in 1995. Since that time there 
are now over 100 other entities that have materialized out of nowhere 
selling other forms of Silver. We initially began in 1995 selling our 
powerful stabilized Silver to Lyme Disease patients and then to HIV 
patients. Since that time (in 1995), unscrupulous imitators of all kinds 
both multinational and backyard have burst on the scene. All are:
A.) Making inferior forms of silver.
B.) Making toxic forms of silver.
C.) Making unstable forms of silver.
D.) Making false claims that their unstable low ppm. (parts per million) 
silver cures 650 diseases.
E.) Quoting Medical Journal Data that does not apply to their product.

So that the honest citizen can make an informed decision on which Silver to 
use therefore we hereby present:
                       THE TRUTH ABOUT SILVER
      the Fraudulent "electro"-colloidal (just silver water) formulations.

1.) Blasts of  "electro"-colloidal silver SUPPRESSES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM:

The imitators' backyard silver and Johnny come lately large corporations' 
silver types of electro-colloidal silver is IONIC and ions are toxic to the 
body. Long term (repeated monthly) use of Electro-colloidal silver 
suppresses your CD4 and CD8 immune system function.
Our silver does "not" suppress your immune function as electro-colloidal 
silver does. With electro-colloidal silver you "HAVE TO"  take it 
"forever", as once you have taken it for a period of months your immune 
function is suppressed and as soon as you 'stop' taking it -you are then 
subject to every and any pathogen that you come in contact with because 
your immune CD4 and CD8 natural response has been suppressed by the 
Electro-colloidal silver.

This is because IONS are TOXIC and you need a proper deliver methodology to 
dispense the silver to the body.
A parallel example is:
Using electro-colloidal silver is the same as using a nuclear bomb blast to 
heat the water in a thermonuclear generating station. You will get a 
onetime blast of plenty of heat from the blast but in the process the plant 
itself will be damaged. You do not want to use the approach of a "BLAST" of 
ions to cripple your plant (system).

You do not want to "BLAST" your system with ions all at once.
All silver is Ionic "but" it is the delivery mechanism of the silver that 
is of crucial and paramount importance to "dispense the silver properly". 
That is only one of the facts that the electro-colloidal silver 
distributors do not tell you.

2.) Electro-colloidal silver continually loses its Potency=LOSS OF STRENGTH 
OF electro-colloidal;  They do not tell you about the loss of strength of 
their product:

Johnny come lately Multinational supplement manufacturers are ruining 
Silver by churning out unstable "electro"-colloidal silver that gives 
variable result and no result as it precipitates out from the day of 
manufacture (sometimes totally on the day of manufacture to) then 
approximately 10% per week thereafter from the date of manufacture.
The truth is that "unstable" colloidal silver water can be mass produced 
anywhere and it is not a stable proper formula and it stays effective about 
a long as water in a turned off kettle stays hot; because it starts to 
precipitate out (fall out of solution) from the 'first' day that it is made.

This is a scientific truth and you cannot deny electro-colloidal silver 
precipitates out and loses effectiveness regardless of Brownian Motion- as 
when you push a nutritional supplement  electro-colloidal silver solution 
to a concentration to try address serious pathogens (which is the reason 
you bought it in the first place), it will then precipitate out and defeat 
it's own and your purpose. Worse yet the particles will aggregate together 
and then form what only can be described as boulders of silver and not only 
precipitate out, but because of their humongous size they cannot be 
properly excreted by the body and cannot even be properly absorbed by the 
stomach lining (and in some cases cause scarring of the stomach lining), 
kidney, and the liver, and remain in the body. That is the last thing that 
you want.

BUT here is the Good news:
Our laboratories in North America have encapsulated the silver into a 
protein since day one. This makes our silver extremely "STABLE", continuing 
in POTENCY , and THE BEST silver product in the world today. Our special 
unique silver formula components are manufactured in only regulated 
facilities that provide COA's (Certificates of Analysis) with double GMP 
(Good Manufacturing Practices and Guidelines) checkoff lists that ensure a 
powerful and stable quality product every time (stable for 5 ((five)) 
years).  Give us a call, send us a letter, send an email 
(invive@invive.com). We would like to help you. Our goal is your health!


Multinational marketers and backyard promoters are so crooked and deceitful 
that they take the "Medical Journal data that only applies to our INVIVE 
type of 'compounded' powerful silver formulation" and apply it to their 
It is like a toy airplane advertising itself as a B-52 multi four engine 
multi ton bomber when in fact it is nothing but a toy airplane. But they 
trickily say they still have an airplane.

Some individual think they are getting results from the toy airplane 
because most individuals who take electro-colloidal silver are knocking out 
Candida (yeast) infections and that is the reason they feel better. A weak 
3 to 5 ppm. electro-colloidal silver "will" knock out yeast the same way a 
toy airplane can carry a paper pilot but it cannot carry a serious load. It 
is impossible for a toy airplane to carry the same load as a B-52 bomber 
and yet the electro-colloidal silver makers use the "silver data that is 
only applicable to our type of silver", on their electro-colloidal silver 

All the Medical Journal Data reported on silver curing 650 different 
diseases is based on "compounded" chemical silver formulations of Silver 
and Water not on "electro"-colloidal.
The Medical Data is "NOT" based on "electro"-colloidal silver water because 
weak "electro"-colloidal silver was never in the Medical Journal reports 
from 1902 through 1947. What was used was "compounded" formulations of 
silver and water which were non electric "non electro-colloidal" formulations.
Yet electro-colloidal multinational companies and backyard producers 
fraudulently state that 'silver' has been used to cure 650 diseases; but do 
not tell you their silver is" not" the same silver.

The bottom line is that you need a formulation of "stabilized" silver at a 
concentration of between 30 ppm. to 7,500 ppm. (yes you are reading 
correctly the figure is "SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED" PPM.) to address 
various kinds of the 650 pathogens and diseases Silver cures.
So they cannot claim their "electro"-silver is effective because not only 
is it too weak but let us review the previous points:

Multinational and backyard produced "electro"-colloidal silver is:

1.) All  ions and blasts of ions are toxic.
2.) Blasts of ions suppress the CD4 and CD 6 functions of the immune system.
3.) Electro-colloidal silver all precipitates out.
4.) Electro-colloidal silver is too weak and cannot be made to Medical 
Journal concentrations safely to prevent clumping and aggregation of the 
particles at the high ppm needed to give results.

Electro-colloidal is "not even remotely" similar in strength or stability 
to the compounded formulation that is reported in the Medical Journals.
So for yourself please buy the Silver that works and not be deceived into 
buying the hucksters imitation toy airplanes.

Please continue reading actual scientific data and not just reading 
hucksters (both backyard and Multinational) sham promotions, and check out 
our proof links. The best "actual" Medical Studies by the most prestigious, 
modern and actual Universities and world renowned Medical Labs and cutting 
edge Research Institutions, and most impartial information on silver is at: 
http://www.xpressnet.com/bhealthy. Please take the time to read actual 
Medical Data regarding our products as our goal is an educated public and 
your individual continuing long term health.

Buy only the best quality when it comes to you health and your body; and 
ignore the fraudulent imitations (both backyard and multinational) that 
electro-colloidal silver hucksters and promoters make.

If you want to be sure you have the real Silver that was used in the 
Medical Journals we advise only to use our INVIVE stabilized form of non 
electro-colloidal stabilized Silver available at from:

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