Three Signs Up in The Sky Melody: My Eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord.


1.) Mine eyes have seen the glory of, 3 Meteorites-in-the-sky;

The-y stand-for-the-work-we'll-do, that will, "as-tonish" every eye.

We will preach God's VENGENCE message, that will tear this world apart;

And-in-tw-o-thousand and ten, this message, we-will-START.


The O-be-di-ent Church, will shout God's War-ning,

God's Obedient Church, will shout God's War-ning.

The Obedient Church, will "SHOUT" God's War-ning.

You'll get 10,000 angels, as men with SWORDS, when you dis-obey.


2.) This is God's-message-to-the-"WORLD"; a mes-age-no-one can-stop;

It is God's mes-sage, TO CHURCHES, that-on-ly, The-Obedient-Church-has-got.

It's the message the-ti-me-to-repent, IS "NOW" upon the scene;

And our King-will-"ENFORCE" our Message, BE-FORE Two Thousand Eighteen.


The O-be-di-ent Church, will shout God's War-ning,

God's O-be-di-ent Church, will shout God's War-ning.

The O-be-di-ent Church, will "SHOUT" God's War-ning.

It's VENGENCE of, Angels weilding SWORDS-when-you-dis-obey.


3.) Yes our King "IS" arriving, but "first", our message MUST go out;

We're "THE-ONLY"-GROUP- having, 1ST CENTURY-ways, with a Shofar shout.

REPENT means on-ly-1st-Century-ways, set down by Christ and Paul;

For on-ly 1st-Cen-tu-ry Bible ways, will-be-obeyed, by one and all.


The O-be-di-ent Church NOW shouts God's War-ning,

God's O-be-di-ent Church "NOW" shouts God's War-ning.

The O-be-di-ent Church will "SHOUT" God's War-ning.

That-it's with VENGENCE 10,000 SWORDs, Christ-will-return.


4.) It's a message the-Beast-will arrive; circa Two Thousand-and-Ten;

The Beast-will-th-e-n, ru-le-the-World, with the Man of Sin.

Then it's 3-and-one-ha-lf years, of-a-Sa-tanic rebirth;

And circa Two thousand and Four-teen, all Hell, breaks out on earth.


The O-be-di-ent Church NOW shouts God's War-ning,

God's O-be-di-ent Chruch, NOW shouts God's War-ning.

The O-be-di-ent Church will "SHOUT" God's War-ning.

It's-with-VENGENCE-10,000- SWORDs as-Christ-returns.


5.) Over 90 percent-of-the-Wo-rld-will die, they refuse 1st-Century-ways,

So God's VE-N-G-ENCE; is-going-to-"apply"; "BEFORE" God's judgment day.

For "ALL" the Churches-ref-u-se all of-God's 1st-Century-ways,

So this message we are send-ing, is: "There's-a-price, that you 'WILL' pay".


The O-be-di-ent Church "IS" shout-ing God's War-ning,

God's O-be-di-ent Church "IS" shouting God's War-ning.

The O-be-di-ent Church "IS" "SHOUTING" God's War-ning.

That it's with "VENGENCE" and SWORD, Churches Christ will slay.


6.) It is a message that-our-King is arriving, before, two-thousand-eighteen,

He will, ar-rive, with-a-"VENGENCE"-and-Power, the world has "never" seen.

For-Christ-will-FORCE-"ALL"-of the earth, to-follow, His 1st Century ways,

THE-OBEDIENT-Church, gives you-this-"WI-T-NESS", before your end of days.


The Obedient Church "NOW" shouts God's War-ning.

God's O-be-di-ent Church "NOW" shouts God's War-ning.

The Obedient Church "WILL" "SHOUT" God's War-ning.

There is "VENGENFUL SWORD" for-Church-es-that-dis-obey.


7.) 1st Century ways of Christ and Paul-are-the-only-one's-to-follow,

All of the ot-her so-c-alled, Christian ways, are in, nothing you should wallow.

For "ONLY"-by-God's-1st-Cent-ury-ways, are the ways you will be judged,

And from "1st Century Church" ways, OUR "God" will not be BUDGED.


So The O-be-di-ent Church, sends you this War-ning,

God's O-be-di-ent Church sends out God's War-ning;

The O-be-di-ent Church "SHOUTS-OUT", Christ's War-ning,

By the VENGENCE OF Christ's SWORD, Churches WILL FALL.


8.) You will fall, because "YOU" re-fused to-fol-low, "on-ly" God's-"BIBLE" ways,

You deliberately-wanted, your-own Church's ways, for all of your earthly days.

So for-YOUR-"WILLFUL" dis-obedi-ence-by-Christ's-Sword-you-now-must-fall.

At-the-re-appearing-o-f-Christ, it's too late to-repent-at-all.


The O-be-di-ent Church SHOUTS OUT this War-ning,

God's O-be-di-ent Church, sends you God's War-ning;

The Obedient Church SHOUTS OUT Christ's War-ning,

That by the, "VENGENCE" OF THE sWORD, Churches will fall.


9.) The VENGENCE of Christ falls-on-"ALL"-wh-o, break 1st-Century-ways,

For-you-refused to, hum-ble-your-self-to-l-ive, as-the Bible says;

You thought you "kn-ew" God, by-fol-low-ing, what-your-min-is-ter said,

But "now: Christ has killed you with His sWORD, and there you now lay dead.


The OBEDIENT Church, sends you Christ's War-ning,

1st-Cen-tu-ry, Doc-trine, you are, scorn-ing.

GOD'S OBEDIENT CHURCH sends you Christ's War-ning,



10.) And-when-you-are-dead-and-slain-by-Christ, it's too-late to-repent,

So fol-low-1st-Century-Doc-trine that, The Obedient Church has sent.

Now the choice is yours to make, to see if, you can change-your-fate,

But-if-"you"-change 1 jot-of-God's Bi-ble, it's-YOU, that God “will” hate.


The O-BE-DI-ENT Church, sends you Christ's War-ning,

Christ's, 1st-Cen-tur-y, DOCT-RINE, you are "SCORNING".

God's O-be-di-ent Church "SHOUTS OUT" God's War-ning,

That by the, VEN-GENCE-OF CHRIST'S SWORD, you ALL will fall.



For-BREAKING-1ST-Century-Ways, you all will "FALL".

For-BREAKING-God's Bible Ways, you all will "FALL".

For removing words of God's Bible, you all will "FALL".

For removing God's Crescent moons, YOU all will "FALL".


For your working on Holy Days you all will- "FALL".

For "YOUR" willful dis-o-be-di-ence, you-all-will-"FALL".

Dis-o-be-di-ent ministers, all- will- "FALL".

Dis-o-be-di-ent members, all- will- "FALL".


By the Vengence of Christ's Sword, you all will fall

By the "VENGENCE" OF CHRIST'S  sWORD, you...(pause), ALL...(pause), "WILL...(pause) FALL"!!!