It "WAS" Her Fault, Not Mine


1.) Sermonettes-&-Sermons, I'm no long-er sayin';


And all my Church friends are gone.


For speakin' truth, I'm now payin',


But-With-God: I'm still keepin' on.



2.) Now Dank-en-bring was bitter;


His wife put-him-in-that-frame-of-mind.


It was disfellowship, her, or me


So-he-took-his-wife's-side, not mine.



3.) I was thrown out of his con-gre-gation;


I was thrown out, and pronounced dead.


I was thrown out of "HER" congregation,


And I can't come back, he said.



Chorus:) God give my more patience;


I know the "right" church I will find.


'Cause Dankenbrings disfellowshipped me,


He took his wife's side not mine.



4.) Yes, TPM is gone from me.


And I blame his wife every bit.


She turned him against me,


Into-"HER"-church: "She"-wouldn't-let-me-fit.



5.) Thank God for "YOUR" Spirit,


'Cause it's near the end-time.


And "their" church has disfellowshipped me,


Which lookin' back, troubles one's mind.



6) 'Cause she turned him against me;


With every ex-cuse, she could find.


She created all kinds of week-ly problems,


And it was her fault, not mine.


Chorus and end with:

And took his wife's side not mine.

And it was: "Her" fault, not mi-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. (end high in 3rd octive with voice flip)