Stray Cat Strut                             Adapted from Stray Cats


Am G F E

Oo-oo-oo-ooh, oo-oo-oo-ooh

Oo-oo-oo-ooh, oo-oo-oo-ooh


    Am           G             F         E

1.) Mr. Midnight Cat, he was a friend of mine

  Am        G              F         E

I loved him dearly, and he looked so fine

       Am     G       F            E

But he had to hunt, to-keep-himself-fed

              Am            G               F        E

That made him cross-Johnson-Creek-Road, and now he's dead


Am       G   F E     Am       G   F E

Midnight Cat,    Mr. Midnight Cat

Am                 G            F        Am   Am  Am  Am

That was the treat-ment for Mr. Midnight Cat



        Am       G         F         E

2.) Mr. Midnight Cat was a real cool dude

       Am     G         F       E

But he had no mo-ney to buy his food;

     Am      G          F         E

He'd be flat broke, but he didn't care,

     Am          G                F           Am

He'd strut right by you, with his tail in the air.


Am       G   F E     Am       G  F E

Midnight cat,    Mr. Midnight Cat

Am           G           F        Am   Am  Am  Am

That was the way for Mr. Midnight Cat.



Am           G   F   E

Stray cat strut

Am        G     F   E

Stray cat strut


   Am       G             F       E

3.)Midnight cat, he's a ladies' cat

  Am         G            F          E

A-feline-Casanova, that's where he's at.

          Am       G          F        E

Forced to feed him-self, by a mean old man

       Am       G           F         E

Had to find his dinner in a ga-r-bage can.

   Am G F E    Am G     F        E  

   Am G F E    Am G      F      E

Me-ow,      Me-ow please fe--ed me



Dm                          Am

I don't bother chasin' mice around


I strut down the Highway, lookin' so right

E                         E7

Howlin' to the moon, on-a-hot-summer-night


Am          G              F         E    (slow it down)

Singin' the blues till the lady-cats cry

        Am          G          F         E   (slow it down)

"I'm" a loner stray-cat, I'm a real cool guy

  Am      G      F            E    "REALLY" SLOW it down

I-love-to-be so, carefree and wild

      Am      G              F       E

And-I-got-Cat-class, and "I" got cat style.

   Am  G F E    Am G F E

Me-ow        Me-ow

     Am G F    E           Am G F E       Am G F E      Am G      F        E    E  E  E

Me---ow   FEED Me    Me---"OW"       Me---ow       Me---ow please feed me


{Repeat last two verses}

End with:

   Am G F E       Am G F E        Am G F E          Am G F E

Me-ow          Me-ow           Me-ow             Me-ow

   Am   Am  Am  Am

Me-ow 1 2 3 4 5 6 7     Stop                                    Am     Am (1 last hard strum)

End on:             Am (hold) Dedicated to my friend Midnight.  Me---ow.