Stop watching TV News and start educating yourself on the world, how it works and what you can do avoid it.

YOU have to be more forward looking.


There are 2 Groups of people in the World.

Those who “KNOW” what is going on

=The REAL OWNERS of the Countries


YOU the worker slaves who know nothing.


This is a totally Satanic lying World                                                                          

and YOU are A SLAVE in it.


Everything you are told “IS” a Lie:


We Get to run our Country


The Shadow Government runs our Country= CONTROLS Canada & the USA


He brought a terrorist INTO Canada!


The earth is warming we MUST do something


Nobel Laureate in Physics states: "Global Warming is Pseudoscience."


The earth is warming we MUST do something

Corporations are People and robots are People


Only Human Beings are People

Could an artificial intelligence be considered a person under the law? 


Gravity holds everything down


Tesla knew Gravity was just a bogus theory and that Einstein was a shill


Gravity was just a bogus theory


We understand Quantum Mechanics


Quantum Mechanics currently states things that do “NOT” add up=We “still” know little about Quantum Mechanics


Quantum Mechanics Does NOT permit us to say anything with “CONFIDENCE” about Reality.


Cholesterol is BAD for you


Cholesterol is GOOD for you

Cholesterol serves a vital function in your body and protects you from a host of neurological conditions


You can’t get energy from Cold Fusion AND you can’t get “any” other kind of FREE ENERGY


There “IS” FREE ENERGY from Cold Fusion & MANY other Free Energy Devices


Former Patent Examiner REVEALS that they screen and HIDE "ALL" free energy inventions.


Exercise is good for you


Couch potatoes live longer than athletes

Division by zero


Crisco is GOOD HEALTHY Oil


Crisco IS bad for you and was only used as a diesel lubricant in German submarines


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


The poLICE are here to help you


The poLICE are NOT here to help you, because they are hired to fill TICKET QUOTOS.

NEVER talk to the poLICE,



·         Police can LIE to you, and about you

·         Police, Courts and Judge, city Councilors etc. "ARE" ALL racketeering private CORPORATION EMPLOYEES.

·         More Police abuse citizens. It isn't 1 bad apple, because they all cover up for each other which MAKES them ALL BAD APPLES.

·         Never talk to police BECAUSE you WILL have MORE trouble than if you stayed silent.

·         How police can illegally Arrest you & put you in a PSYC WARD for NO REASON

·         Nearly 1,200 citizens MURDERED by USA Police in 2015. Count of murders in each State.



9/11 was done by Arabs using tiny ½” blade box cutters to take over 4 planes and

(who couldn’t even fly a tiny plane) flying/operating computerized Jumbo Jets with Military Precision


The Truth/Treason that Bush & his neocon associates & CIA,

planned & executed 9/11 against the United States.


·         9/11 Attack was Staged

·         Everything you are told is a lie. Planes did NOT cause the Twin Towers to Collapse

·         YOU are NOT allowed to Know, about Continuity Of Government according to the USA scheming Senators

·         Micro Nukes & Thermite used on 9-11



We're flying rockets through space





Microwave Ovens are safe


Microwave Ovens are so dangerous that they were banned in Russia 20 years ago


They cause Cancers, and suppress your immune system etc., etc.


Vaccines are good for you


Viral contaminants ARE being introduced into the human population via contaminated vaccines.

·         Whistleblower Jailed over Vaccine Contamination

·         Vaccines cause Inflammation your Brain & Spinal Cord.

·         A synthetic gene is going to be PUT INTO your own DNA via Vaccines

·         How Doctors put you on a child abuse list if you question them. ANOTHER" Vaccine disaster Horror story of a Vaccine DAMAGED healthy child

·         VACCINE campaign to scare people

·         Vaccines containing the nagalase enzyme protein IS responsible for alarming increases in childhood cancer and autism.

·         Brain damage possible from children’s Vaccine


We NEED to go to War to defend ourselves


The truth is that "EVERY" War was started by LIES and a charade especially

WWI= Germany even advertised in the New York Times that Ships like the Lusitania would be sunk IF they deliberately crossed into German Patrolled waters.

WWII= Pearl Harbor wasdesigned”, because other Nations ALL knew and told the USA 2 weeks before that Japanese Aircraft Carriers were approaching the USA.

Vietnam War= The Gulf of Tonkin did “NOT” happen, and we went to war on a “LIE”.

Iraq War= Saddam Hussein did “NOT” have weapons of mass destruction. Originally calledOIL for Operation Iraqi Liberation to OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Afghanistan War= We were told Oct 7 2001 that we had to stop terrorism, when it was the Saudis not the Afghans that attacked. 17 years now 2001 we are still there.

Libya= Kaddafi abusing his people when in FACT life in Libya free University, free electricity, free farms, free Medical Care, etc. was BETTER than life in the USA.

ALL WARS are just for Corporations’ Profits

Prescott Bush even funded Hitler

and the Ford Motor Company made the ball bearings for tanks for Hitler

we even had to pay money to the Ford Motor Company because we bomber their factory in Germany!

and the IBM Company operated the punch card system to keep track of/list the Jews.

The U.S. Department of War changed its name to the U.S. Department of Defense, which is a LIE because we are MAKING WARS “not” defending ourselves.

Since the “STAGED” 9-11 attack it has cost us taxpayers 4.8 TRILLION dollars in PHONY WARS, with all our money going to the War Contractors/Corporations. War has NOTHING to do with defending the USA Homeland nuclear warheads have been powering USA reactors! USA Congress is NOT the USA Congressional Congress.


The Lie that there is Justice through the Courts

That Radioactive Plutonium is necessary for use in Reactors


Safe Thorium could be used should be used in Reactors, but they "want" URANIUM/Plutonium so they can MAKE Bombs.

That we are living on a ball


God’s Flat Earth

as a bunch of evolved monkeys

on a ball

hanging upside down in Australia, and South Africa

while the ball is spinning at 1000 miles per hour

travelling at 67,000 MPH endlessly through space

Jets run on Fuel


Jets Run on Free Energy not fuel

because the wings could not even hold enough fuel to keep them flying

·           Jets don't run on fuel: let's title it Commercial planes don't fly, they LEVITATE

·            Jumbo Jets do “NOT” use fuel to fly

· great Airplane Fuel HOAX

· you know is A LIE

· engines do NOT run on fuel

We went to the Moon


We “NEVER” went to the Moon

because we couldn’t even pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belt without getting fried

Oil is from Dinosaurs


Oil is NOT from Dinosaurs as you were taught in school is not a fossil fuel


UFOs come from outer space.


UFOs come from right here on the earth from Antarctica


UFOs come from right here on the earth from Antarctica, where no nation is allowed to enter the Interior of Antarctica, nor to claim it because the Nephilim live there.

The Nephilim and Demons have UFOs and

we ACTUALLY “also” manufacture UFOs such as the TR3 made flying saucer with triangular shape= TR3.


We have to find a Cure for Cancer


There are already over 10 cures for Cancer food CAUSES Cancer CAN be cured in 2 weeks going to your doctor for cancer treatment, or he will kill you with his ignorant nonsense. victims who do "NOT" go to a cancer treatment center live "LONGER" than those who get treated


Toothpaste prevents Cavities


People in other areas without toothpaste have less Cavities that is put into your city tap water is harmful. is A TOXIC POISON, and Fluoridated TAP water is a POISON!


Lying to you that GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) are safe


They are killing you's music can relax you.

vsNO NO NO ALL" music "today" is HARMING you because "TODAY'S" musical tuning is at a harmful 440 Hz instead of pre 1939 calming lower 432 Hz.

Other MAJORS Areas where you are fooled/tricked COG PROPHECY: Genetically modified SOLDIERS= Joel 2 is "NOW" being fulfilled!

Concluding Message