"BEAR" Notes: Since you havn't taken anything,

you can't take less.

Bear is Against "EVERYONE" who does not follow every Jot of the Bible click here>>

  1. "YOU" are BREAKING Father's Heart: What if your Father/wife/girlfriend asked you to show up and you didn't?
  2. Subliminal Messages
  3. The Truth about Flying Saucers/UFO Types of Crafts.
  4. Silent Electric Motorcycle is Fast as Gas
  5. Don't read things like this (nudge nudge wink wink). "BECAUSE" "ALL" Aliens are DANGEROUS!
  6. Black Death/Plague in China Aug 4 2009 3 dead
  7. "THEY" are "NOT" our Brothers
  8. Binary Codes of Crop Circle is "too" complex= could not be created in 1 night.
  9. Don't mess with TO COG (The Obedient Church of God):
  10. How Million Dollar Religious song "I'm Scared" came about, and some of Bear's History. Click here (and then read Bear's Background)>>
  11. You "HAVEN'T" received and will "not" receive Eternal Life
  12. Corporate Seal
  13. Don't get a Sheep angry!! click here:  and here:
  14. Particle Physics=Soon God will allow us to "understand", HOW FATHER created the planets/UNIVERSE
  15. Chupacabra "mystery" solved?
  16. Alien "spirit being" seen walking on Mars? You decide.
  17. Bear (Lawrence the Christian) survives attack from mean cat BD click here>http://www.flixxy.com/bear-animal-nature-film.htm Father saves Lawrence.
  18. The "BOGGY" CREEK Sasquatch 7 feet tall and 1000 pounds is waiting in the Trees for you/is there waiting for "YOU", you worldly man, "you" without God's protection.
  19. Satan's last gasp: Time to "die"
  20. Dec 21 2012= "Start" of "NEXT" 26,000 year Time Cycle  click here  and here
  21. Gestalt of Seeing the "LOVE" that "IS" IN The "Lion of Judah" The Creator Christ Jesus/Yeshua
  22. Once upon a time it was a simpler/better time period/reflect with the Music
  23. We're puttin' the Band back.
  24. To all ex-WCG members that stay home alone and that feel abandoned: Don't be a loner. Find someone in your city and "FELLOWSHIP" together: "'Cause Everybody "NEEDS" Somebody to Fellowship with:
  25. The Media Controls Your Mind = which "MESSAGES" are given the "JOB" to create the Message for the "Global Society":
  26. "PEACE"ful WAYS "will" be OBSERVED by "you", when you are "IN" The OBEDIENT Church of God.
  27. Who "ARE" YOU
  28. Travel (if you can) to broaden your perception of God's planet
  29. Bear loves Paris
  30. Tonight he is on the Rampage
  31. Bear is going "Up the Country" to the Kingdom. Bear's "FAVORITE" SONG  Bear's Favourite Video   God's Wonderland:
  32. This Obedient Train is Bound For Glory, "if" you want to ride, you'd better "be Holy".
  33. Carry your weaker Brother
  36. When will the Lutheran Church, WCG, UCG, COGTE, TPM "REPENT" so Bear won't have to think about all of the friends he had to leave behind for God's truth.
  37. To Marry Christ is a "Beautiful" Thing
  38. Reflect: Lay the "LAW" of "LOVE" down Again, so that "WE" "CAN" live as Brothers without Wars killing each other. So Lay Down God's Law
  39. Reconciliation some day: Set Together we're 1, divided we're 2
  40. You fell into The Rabbit Hole
  41. You haven't been born "yet": You on earth are celebrating UN-Birthdays, because true life is only as Spirit Being Eternal Life. So: If "YOU" celebrate your Birthday, then TO COG WISHES YOU a very, very "un"birthday to you
  42. No Sunday worship allowed
  43. All you need is: "1 GOOD Love of/with you being Engaged to Christ" as His future Bride who follows every jot of your Husbands lifestyle/ways including Crescent moons to meet with your future Husband on.
  44. All the Galaxies long for the "Revealing" of the Sons of God, so they can be delivered from wasteland: There are enough Galaxies, for everyone to have one of their own. You will "RESTORE", as you "are" part of the God Family, and will do what your Family does. Romans 8:21-22.
  45. You are of the planet of the "DEAD" GOING STRAIGHT INTO THE TRIBULATION "IF" "you" Do NOT REPENT AND FOLLOW GOD'S Crescent moon Holy Day timing, so you can/may make it into God's Place of Safety.
  49. Could "YOU" be Loved, as an "EXAMPLE" of Love
  50. 2014-2015 (5774) is the "Last Morning" in this evil system, then we are heading out/away to the Place of Safety. Let there be no more delay.
  51. I crawled out of the Bottomless Pit, but my hand was "Made STRONG" by the hand of the Almighty. All I had was His hand. We/you CAN'T just stand aside and look, We've Got To Fulfill God's Book.
  52. The FLU "ONLY" hits the "Vaccinated" people
  53. Evil David Rockefeller ADVOCATES "DE"population control= Killing us. Rockerfeller
  54. The Governments have always been Massacring the people in support of the Corporations 1914 Ludlow Massacre Click here  and here
  57. One of these Days
  58. Come Home, Come Home to GOD = Come Home At "LAST"
  59. "Enjoy" God's Creation
  60. Credit Swaps, Derivatives=/started Global Meltdown/Collapse to "DELIBERATELY" to Bring in the BEAST Power to save you...
  63. "CHRISTIAN", NEVER give up your fight for God's Truth
  65. The Truth of what "really happened in WACO Texas Video proof of the LIES of the Government
  66. Come Gather Round people wherever you roam, You'd better start swimmin' (God way), or you'll Sink like a Stone
  67. Swim Christian Brothers, swim, and escape the Beast pawns, before they put us in FEMA Concentration Camps. Evade the Beast, swim, move on out = Don't let them catch you Brothers
  68. "YOU" "CAN" get away brother. They are just human, but "YOU" are a "SPIRITUAL CREATION":
  70. Timothy: Drink "not" only water, take a little wine 1 Timothy 5:23
  71. Mr. Lawrence Bear's true sad Thanksgiving song: God "will" stop the "last" 2017 War, so we don't kill everyone.
  73. Blue Moon
  74. Scriptures that "prove "the NWO (New World Order) plans to Kill us Christians By Beheading !!!
  75. Leave America
  76. TO COG members must unite to Free the World.
  78. YAHVEH/God (the Creator of "ALL" things) IS "AMAZING".
  79. End of Bear Notes
All we are now is Dust in the Wind: "If" we "refuse" to use "God's" Crescent Moon Truth that Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus, and Paul followed.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell