Don't be one of the Munchkins that believe what the Witch/Satan the god of this world tells you

Revelations 12:9 Satan, who deceives the whole world;


You were born and taught TO BE as one of the Munchkins that believes fake science.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz represent “human” figures:


Munchkins are ordinary people oppressed by the spells from the witch (Satan)= causing you to believe nonsense such as:

the earth is a round ball,

spinning at 1000 MPH,


TRAVELLING ENDLESSLY through an empty mindless space.


Therefore “you” are suppressed by the Witch’s/Satan’s SPELLS/Satan’s BROADCASTING from daily News Medias, Universities/preaching evolution, on Employers, Banks, and Corporations.


The Scarecrow is the farmer, and


the Tin man is the industrial worker who has been dehumanized by factory labor.


The cowardly lion is the leaders of the Political Parties, supported by the farmers and workers of the populist movements.



UNTIL Toto (Christ) GOD spelt DOG pulls the curtain back.


By the way: The Wicked Witch is killed with water, suggesting baptism. 


There should be a GREAT DROUGHT all over the World, before Christ returns.



Satan……  the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience [NWO New World Order]. Ephesians 2:1–2


The world order, the world’s system of values and way of doing things—the world’s course. And as Paul makes clear, the course of this world follows the leadership and design of Satan, the prince of the power of the air.

What we often call “the spirit of the times” reflects the wider course of this world, a course in which men are in basic agreement about what is right and wrong, valuable and worthless, important and unimportant. Sinful men have many different ideas and standards, but they are in total agreement that the network of things in this world is more important than the divine perspective of God. In this most basic world outlook they are of one mind. They resolutely work to fulfill the goals and values of their system, though it defies God and always self–destructs. Sinners are persistent in their rejection, and the worse their system becomes, the more they try to justify it and condemn those who speak the Word of God against it.

They are of one mind because they have a common leader and lord, the prince of the power of the air. Satan is now “the ruler of this world,” and until the Lord casts him out (John 12:31) he will continue to rule. The power [or authority] of the air probably refers to Satan’s host of demons who exist in the heavenly sphere. Paul has this in mind in Ephesians 6:12, where he warns of “the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” During the present age he and his demon host dominate, pressure, and control every person who is unsaved. He is the personification of spiritual death because he is the personification of rebellion against God—and so is the system he designed.

Satan is the archonthe prince and ruler over this world system. Not all unsaved people are necessarily indwelt at all times by Satan or are demon–possessed. But knowingly or unknowingly they are subject to/CONTROLLED BY Satan’s influence.

Listen to this video OVERVIEW of today November 10,2023:

BTW we’ve been honouring God’s flat earth design for 20 years now. This is from from in its gold box Everything is a Lie


That we are living on a ball


God’s Flat Earth

as a bunch of evolved monkeys

on a ball

hanging upside down in Australia, and South Africa

while the ball is spinning at 1000 miles per hour

travelling at 67,000 MPH endlessly through space= UTTER NONSENSE, that tries to infer/causes people to think that there is no purpose here for us on this planet, that everything/our existence is a happenstance accident.

When I built 4 houses,

I needed to know if the foundation top of basement was level to build on or if I had to shim the framing I was placing on top of the foundation.

So I used a laser level to see how straight/level the foundation was and if I needed to shim the 1st floor, so that the floors/house would be perfectly level, so that coke cans would not roll into the wall.

 I took my laser level to Grand Beach at night and pointed the laser over at Hillside Beach,

Which is 15 miles away,

And there was NO Drop of the water under the laser beam.

 The laser would show a drop on the foundation if the foundation dipped at one end


The laser would show a drop of the water if the water dipped at one end

There was no dip from Grand Beach to Hillside beach.


And “why” are there NO “photographs” of planet earth?



A satellite in the sky

Description automatically generated


A map of the world

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A planet earth on a rock

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A screenshot of a computer

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