Stop watching TV News and start educating yourself on the world, how it works and what you can do avoid it.

YOU have to be more forward looking.


There are 2 Groups of people in the World.

Those who “KNOW” what is going on

=The REAL OWNERS of the Countries


YOU the worker slaves who know nothing.


This is a totally Satanic lying World                                                                          

and YOU are A SLAVE in it.


Everything you are told “IS” a Lie:



The WEF (World Economic Forum) “HAS” selected nearly all our past World Leaders, by “PRESENTING”/LIMITING whom you can vote for.

PROOF" the Space Station is a FAKE, (made up to hide diverted taxation)

Airline Pilots STATE that the earth is FLAT

The NWO is KILLING YOU "Right Now" so to stay alive Memorize THIS VIDEO "AND" FOLLOW "all "these PROTOCOLS

ACTUAL PICTURES of the Flat Earth from 70 miles up in Space

The Earth does NOT move through Space

USA says it doesn't know what UFO's are, but 1 is parked right on a USA Aircraft Carrier

Actual Airline ROUTES in straight lines PROVE THE EARTH IS FLAT

TRUE Map of the Flat Earth EASY TO UNDERSTAND with names of Countries

Here is the Best Most UNDERSTANDABLE Flat Earth Map

Man does NOT cause Global Warming

The sun and moon revolve around the Dipole of the earth

Elon Musk agrees with us/confirms that the earth is flat AND the earth HAS AN IMPENETRABLE DOME

PROOF that we NEVER went to the moon

1992 Animation of Vaccine poison black graphene going into "YOUR" body

Our politicians do NOT NOT NOT control what gets done/Legislated in the USA

Visual Proof of 125,000 acres that the earth is flat

YOU are living AS A "powerless" bought SLAVE and you don't know it

Proof Michael Obama who is a man, is posing as a woman as Michelle Obama

Don't be one of the Munchkins that believe what the Witch/Satan the god of this world tells you Revelations 12:9 Satan, who deceives the whole world

PROOF that satellite "beam weapons" were used by the Deep State to burn up Lahaina, Hawaii

The 4 President Bidens, that the Deep State presents

The Oct 5, 2023 announcement that Biden is building the wall is a LIE

Corporations RULE the World

Canada is NOT a Country

The lie that today's 8 billion-there are too many people/Overpopulation VS The "TRUTH" that the earth CAN support 150 BILLION people= 7 TIMES MORE

100 years later we ARE EXPERIENCING the repeat of the 1929 CRASH

Politicians should NOT NOT NOT be allowed to spend more money than we have, BECAUSE that causes PRICES OF EVERYTHING TO RISE

A pregnancy is NOT just a mass of cells BECAUSE it IS an ACTUAL human being

Pervert Teachers and your child's SCHOOL BOOKS are Teaching 6 year old children SEXUALITY

10 MILLION Positrons per Pulse= Cesium Atoms -Super Conductors Just another BRICK=AUDITORY AREAS of Harmony Areas OF PHOTONS

REPORTERS' NEWS is now so twisted, so that evil is good, and good is evil

Mankind will foul itself up with AI

Earth's PREVIOUS Civilizations going back 400 Million Years

Crimes of your Government

Millions of "ancient" STONE CIRCLES are actually MAGNETRONS/energy generating Devices


How Young Global Leaders Are Selected (

You "NEED" Greenhouse Gasses vs THE LIE to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

The Windsors are imposters. Here is the TRUE "REAL" King of England

Realize King Charles is not even English


Science has been denying and ignoring the “PROVEN” existing Aether for 100 years


EVIL DEEDS that citizens are not aware of


The FRAUDULENT Debt Based money system


 The Great Pyramid was NOT a mummy chamber. It was a giant FREE Power Generator


There are NO gravitational forces.

Gravity is an illusion.

Einstein was a shill for the Devil’s lies.


A Transendental Number is NOT the integer of any Polynomial


The fallacies of Trans Gender Political Correctness

“IS” the demand for censorship power over others’ speech

by falsely masking itself as compassion; AND

NOW raising equality ABOVE virtue.

How Your Teachers Lied to You: Everything High School History Textbooks [DELIBERATELY] Got Wrong

 Your political leaders just WON'T ALLOW YOU to have FREE POWER to run your home and car.



TV and the Internet is for your entertainment and Knowledge


The 1%= The owners of the Media

FILL the populations' brains with False Ideas=

The Giant Corporations (their Owners the 1% elites) drop FALSE IDEAS into your brain.


That is “why” it is called “Television Programming” because “they PROGRAM YOUR BRAIN”


Fair Treatment by USA Police


World Chess Champion tells how he was TORTURED BY POLICE in USA Pasadena jail.



Giants Never Existed


There are the remains of Giants all over the earth.

 Actual Skeletons of 30 foot tall giants, with shoulders 10 feet wide

Saying it is a conspiracy theory to say your television news is all Propaganda


Actual PROOF that your television news is all Propaganda


USA’s murder of Iran’s top General Soleimani 

Global Warming means you MUST change your lifestyle



Global Warming DOESN'T EXIST

The Silver & Gold Prices reflect what the metals are actually worth


The Markets have been TOTALLY “RIGGED”


Since 1970= 40 years of “FALSE” CROOKED PRICES

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is good for us


AI is so smart it has laid “insect eggs”

in computers all over the World

so that you “cannot” destroy it.


USA Elections are FAIR


USA Elections are RIGGED “before” they even start

by FORCING you to select “NOT” from the 300+ Million Population but FROM

ONLY 1 of 2

people that have BEEN “ALREADY” CHOSEN for you.

You can ONLY choose between

Tweedle Dumb or Tweedle Dee.



It is IMPORTANT for you to vote


It is “MEANINGLESS” for you to vote

“Because” the whole system is rigged.

Proof Trump in the year 2000 was already selected to be President in 2016

=16 years “before” his election.



Cannabis is “GOOD” for Canadians,

so the Government Legalized Pot in Canada


Cannabis caused the USA to lose the Vietnam War


Canada will lose the next War, just as the USA lost the Vietnamese War


Courts give you/provide you with Justice


Courts are totally Biased and Corrupt


They conspire to “subvert” Justice



FEMA detention camps don't exist


Government Document listing

“Rules” for Slave Labor in USA FEMA “DEATH” Camps

in actual Government Written/Published Manual


FEMA detention camps don't exist vs Government Rules for Slave Labor in FEMA Camps


You are a free person


You are the collateral for the loans the United States owes.

You therefore will be taken into captivity and

you will be put into slavery in China to pay off the debt when the USA collapses AND is invaded to pay the LOANS.


You are the collateral for the loans the United States owes


Individuals are not important


Every “Christian” person is "A" Center of the Cosmos.

Not “the” center, but “A” center that keeps things running properly.

Mr. Bear’s Editor’s Note:

The whole system would collapse immediately (instead of later), were it not for the “present” Christian ethics.

Once the Christian ethnics are destroyed completely, then civilization “WILL” COLLAPSE IN ON ITSELF.


ONLY Christian ethics allow sanity to prevail.

Your TV News is Reliable


The 1% controlling the World only tell you “they” want you to hear



5 dead at Institute of Experimental Physics




Meat is bad for you


Editor’s Note: It is only charring/brown marks on the meat or eggs that is bad for you


Athletes live longer than couch potatoes


Those who engage in “light” exercise actually live longer than Athletes

Strenuous joggers died at twice the rate of those who sat around doing nothing.




Man is causing Global Warming


It’s a HOAX to control you & cost you more money.

World temperatures are actually declining

and ice is “increasing” in the Arctic.



The Sinking of the Titanic was a Terrible “ACCIDENT”


The Titanic (really the Olympic) was deliberately run into an iceberg,

to kill the Bankers on board who opposed the setting up of the Federal Reserve 



The Twin Towers were melted down with Kerosene


It was mini nukes utilizing a Fusion Layer but not a Fission Layer



All” the Protestant & Catholic Religions are “Christian” Religions


The Protestant & Catholic Religions are

TOTALLY Pagan Religions

MASQUERADINGas if they were Christian/Christianity.


Saying: We need to free/help the people of that Country


Proof "ALL" wars were based on LIES


"ALL" wars were based on LIES


 The Structures in the Grand Canyon were formed by water erosion


There are ancient Pyramids in the Grand Canyon


No river can form these types of Structures


You are taught in school that Giants are Fairy tales as in Jack and the Beanstalk


Actual Military PROOF there are 6 fingered “GIANTS” 12’-20’ tall all over the earth right “NOW”.


This Suddenly Happened on the United States


The President rules the United States


The President takes his orders from these “Hidden” people

and here is the list &

the structure of “WHOcontrols what in this World.


The Holy Grail of Who Runs and Controls All


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is protecting our Environment


The EPA is “WORSE” than a terrorist organization, proven by all the poisoning harm to us the EPA is allowing


Mass poisoning of our country via sewage sludge


Bigfoot/Sasquatch don’t exist


4 Basic Types and

10 Bigfoot different Species

(FANTASTIC Informative Presentation)


4 basic types and 10 different Bigfoot Species

Actual pictures of Bigfoot/Sasquatch are being suppressed


TV News is not FAKE News


“EVERY” TV News station gets sent the same news for what they “MUST” say


Here are all the DIFFERENT TV News Stations saying “EXACTLY” the SAME WORDS!


California needs better forest management




With beam weapons, to empty areas, per Agenda 21

Burning Down your homes & Burning out specific areas IS DONE BY BEAM WEAPONS of The Shadow Government


California fires started by 1 single campfire


60 separate fires “all” broke out at once


Hundreds of citizens MURDERED by Direct Energy Weapons 


Zero is Zero


Zero SHOULD be 1


Why 0! should be 1


They say: “You can’t divide by zero”


You “CAN” divide by zero but it’s “Undefinable”


Divide by zero


AI (Artificial Intelligence) will advance the World


No Scientist can “NOW” understand AI

(as in what it is doing).


No Computer Scientist can even tell what AI did to change itself


The World is run by “Competent” leaders


The World is run by MANIACS


Proven by the facts of endless wars & HAARP generated fires, floods, catastrophes/calamities


YOU must Honour the American Flag


This is “NOT” the American Flag

This is the Military ADMIRALTY LAW WAR Flag


You’ve been TRICKED again. Here is the “TRUE” American Flag


We’re safe and can trust of our Government


Even President Kennedy’s Brain went/is missing=

=Nothing and No one is safe in America.


God is causing the Wildfires, Flooding, Hurricanes etc.


The CIA via HAARP is causing all the DESTRUCTION to weaken the States that are too strong or Rebelling


The CIA via HAARP is causing all the DESTRUCTION


There is too much urban sprawl in the America


Each USA person now can/could/should have their own 7+ Acres.

Only 3% of the land is developed in the USA, (and much less in Canada).


Only 66 million acres are considered developed


5G Cell phone Transmission is safe


IF those days were not shortened,

NO flesh would be saved alive Matthew 24:22


The COOKING of Humanity


The DEEP State is a conspiracy theory


Overview of how “REAL” the Satanic Deep State “IS’


Uncovering the Deep Satanic State


Scientists say the Universe was created 13.8 Billion Years ago


The Universe is 156 Billion Light years in Diameter/Across (per


You NEED “OVER”150 Billion Light years to create the diameter



160,000 Adults and children “yearly” get lost and are missing in State Parks


NO, they get ABDUCTED.


Why People Disappear in National Parks


The Queen of England is obviously British


The Queen of England and her whole family ARE GERMANs!

So you have a pure GERMAN sitting on the Throne of England!



America is a Democracy


NO! It’s an Oligarchy


The Corporations are NOT ACCOUNTABLE


Trump won the 2016 Election


Clinton won, but the Illuminati controlled Electoral College put Trump in


2016 Presidential Election Votes

Telling you 4.3% Unemployment


WHEN the “REAL” Unemployment RATE IS 22% PERCENT


Americans Do Not Have A Job


We are FREE people in Canada and the USA


We are “OWNED” like Cattle to secure the Country’s Debt


Occult Origins of Banking, Law and Monetary System


The Bank of Canada belongs to Canadians


The Bank of Canada “BELONGS” to CORRUPT Bankers “NOT” Canadians




We Get to run our Country


The Shadow Government runs our Country= CONTROLS Canada & the USA


He brought a terrorist INTO Canada!



The sun is 93 MILLION miles away


Clouds "BEHIND" the sun prove a flat earth with the sun revolving around the earth


Clouds "BEHIND" the sun


The earth is warming we MUST do something


Nobel Laureate in Physics states: "Global Warming is Pseudoscience."


The earth is warming we MUST do something

Corporations are People and robots are People


Only Human Beings are People

Could an artificial intelligence be considered a person under the law? 


Gravity holds everything down


Tesla knew Gravity was just a bogus theory and that Einstein was a shill


Gravity was just a bogus theory


We understand Quantum Mechanics


Quantum Mechanics currently states things that do “NOT” add up=We “still” know little about Quantum Mechanics


Quantum Mechanics Does NOT permit us to say anything with “CONFIDENCE” about Reality.


Cholesterol is BAD for you


Cholesterol is GOOD for you

Cholesterol serves a vital function in your body and protects you from a host of neurological conditions


You can’t get energy from Cold Fusion AND you can’t get “any” other kind of FREE ENERGY


There “IS” FREE ENERGY from Cold Fusion & MANY other Free Energy Devices


Former Patent Examiner REVEALS that they screen and HIDE "ALL" free energy inventions.

Once you break the flow in 3 Dimensions you no longer have to conserve energy in 3 dimensions.


Exercise is good for you


Couch potatoes live longer than athletes

Division by zero


Crisco is GOOD HEALTHY Oil


Crisco IS bad for you and was only used as a diesel lubricant in German submarines


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


The poLICE are here to help you


The poLICE are NOT here to help you, because they are hired to fill TICKET QUOTOS.

NEVER talk to the poLICE,



·           Police can LIE to you, and about you

·           Civil Forfeiture is Legal

·           Police, Courts and Judge, city Councilors etc. "ARE" ALL racketeering private CORPORATION EMPLOYEES.

·           More Police abuse citizens. It isn't 1 bad apple, because they all cover up for each other which MAKES them ALL BAD APPLES.

·           Never talk to police BECAUSE you WILL have MORE trouble than if you stayed silent.

·           How police can illegally Arrest you & put you in a PSYC WARD for NO REASON

·           Nearly 1,200 citizens MURDERED by USA Police in 2015. Count of murders in each State.




9/11 was done by Arabs using tiny ½” blade box cutters to take over 4 planes and

(who couldn’t even fly a tiny plane) flying/operating computerized Jumbo Jets with Military Precision


The Truth/Treason that Bush & his neocon associates & CIA,

planned & executed 9/11 against the United States.


·         9/11 Attack was Staged

·         Everything you are told is a lie. Planes did NOT cause the Twin Towers to Collapse

·         YOU are NOT allowed to Know, about Continuity Of Government according to the USA scheming Senators

·         Micro Nukes & Thermite used on 9-11



We're flying rockets through space





Microwave Ovens are safe


Microwave Ovens are so dangerous that they were banned in Russia 20 years ago


They cause Cancers, and suppress your immune system etc., etc.


Vaccines are good for you


Viral contaminants ARE being introduced into the human population via contaminated vaccines.

·         Whistleblower Jailed over Vaccine Contamination

·         Vaccines cause Inflammation your Brain & Spinal Cord.

·         A synthetic gene is going to be PUT INTO your own DNA via Vaccines

·         How Doctors put you on a child abuse list if you question them. ANOTHER" Vaccine disaster Horror story of a Vaccine DAMAGED healthy child

·         VACCINE campaign to scare people

·         Vaccines containing the nagalase enzyme protein IS responsible for alarming increases in childhood cancer and autism.

·         Brain damage possible from children’s Vaccine


We NEED to go to War to defend ourselves


The truth is that "EVERY" War was started by LIES and a charade especially

WWI= Germany even advertised in the New York Times that Ships like the Lusitania would be sunk IF they deliberately crossed into German Patrolled waters.

WWII= Pearl Harbor wasdesigned”, because other Nations ALL knew and told the USA 2 weeks before that Japanese Aircraft Carriers were approaching the USA.

Vietnam War= The Gulf of Tonkin did “NOT” happen, and we went to war on a “LIE”.

Iraq War= Saddam Hussein did “NOT” have weapons of mass destruction. Originally calledOIL for Operation Iraqi Liberation to OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Afghanistan War= We were told Oct 7 2001 that we had to stop terrorism, when it was the Saudis not the Afghans that attacked. 17 years now 2001 we are still there.

Libya= Kaddafi abusing his people when in FACT life in Libya free University, free electricity, free farms, free Medical Care, etc. was BETTER than life in the USA.

ALL WARS are just for Corporations’ Profits

Prescott Bush even funded Hitler

and the Ford Motor Company made the ball bearings for tanks for Hitler

we even had to pay money to the Ford Motor Company because we bomber their factory in Germany!

and the IBM Company operated the punch card system to keep track of/list the Jews.

The U.S. Department of War changed its name to the U.S. Department of Defense, which is a LIE because we are MAKING WARS “not” defending ourselves.

Since the “STAGED” 9-11 attack it has cost us taxpayers 4.8 TRILLION dollars in PHONY WARS, with all our money going to the War Contractors/Corporations.

Vietnam War has NOTHING to do with defending the USA Homeland

Russian nuclear warheads have been powering USA reactors!

The USA Congress is NOT the USA Congressional Congress.


The Lie that there is Justice through the Courts

That Radioactive Plutonium is necessary for use in Reactors


Safe Thorium could be used


Thorium should be used in Reactors, but they "want" URANIUM/Plutonium so they can MAKE Bombs.

That we are living on a ball


God’s Flat Earth

as a bunch of evolved monkeys

on a ball

hanging upside down in Australia, and South Africa

while the ball is spinning at 1000 miles per hour

travelling at 67,000 MPH endlessly through space

Jets run on Fuel


Jets Run on Free Energy not fuel

because the wings could not even hold enough fuel to keep them flying

·           Jets don't run on fuel: let's title it Commercial planes don't fly, they LEVITATE

·            Jumbo Jets do “NOT” use fuel to fly

·         The great Airplane Fuel HOAX

·         Everything you know is A LIE

·         Jet engines do NOT run on fuel

We went to the Moon


We “NEVER” went to the Moon

because we couldn’t even pass through the Van Allen Radiation Belt without getting fried

Oil is from Dinosaurs


Oil is NOT from Dinosaurs as you were taught in school

Oil is not a fossil fuel


UFOs come from outer space.


UFOs come from right here on the earth from Antarctica


UFOs come from right here on the earth from Antarctica, where no nation is allowed to enter the Interior of Antarctica, nor to claim it because the Nephilim live there.

The Nephilim and Demons have UFOs and

we ACTUALLY “also” manufacture UFOs such as the TR3

USA made flying saucer with triangular shape= TR3.


We have to find a Cure for Cancer


There are already over 10 cures for Cancer


Frying food CAUSES Cancer
Cancer CAN be cured in 2 weeks
STOP going to your doctor for cancer treatment, or he will kill you with his ignorant nonsense.
Cancer victims who do "NOT" go to a cancer treatment center live "LONGER" than those who get treated


Toothpaste prevents Cavities


People in other areas without toothpaste have less Cavities


Fluoride that is put into your city tap water is harmful.

Toothpaste is A TOXIC POISON, and Fluoridated TAP water is a POISON!


Lying to you that GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) are safe


They are killing you


Today's music can relax you.

vsNO NO NO ALL" music "today" is HARMING you because "TODAY'S" musical tuning is at a harmful 440 Hz instead of pre 1939 calming lower 432 Hz.

Other MAJORS Areas where you are fooled/tricked

TO COG PROPHECY: Genetically modified SOLDIERS= Joel 2 is "NOW" being fulfilled!

Concluding Message