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H.) Did you know there are 3 different types of Hell?

The Bible uses 3 different words for Hell, (Hades, Gehenna, and Taratoo). Unfortunately the King James Version and most other versions of the Bible do not make the distinction, and just translate everything as the word Hell.

But the Bible states that there are 3 different types of Hell.

1.) The first is Hades, which is where the Irish put there potatoes every year = into the ground.

2.) The second is Gehenna, which is derived from the name of the Valley of Hinnon, which was outside of Jerusalem, and served as Jerusalem's garbage dump. That dump burned continuously as new garbage was added to it daily. But the garbage "itself" did not burn forever. It simply burned up and was no more. It became ashes.

New garbage was added and the fire kept burning, but yesterday's garbage was utterly consumed and turned into ashes. This is why the Scriptures state: the wicked shall be "ashes" under your feet when you are living "on this earth" as a Spirit Being (after you are resurrected), because the wicked will have been burned to ashes, "not" writhing alive in an everburning hell.
The wages for sinning is eternal "DEATH" Rom 6:23.
The wages for sin is not "LIVING", (in some kind of hellfire).
As you can see again, the true Bible has a better way than what you have been mistakenly taught by men.

This is what ultimately is going to happen to individuals that do not repent and choose the happier lifestyle, which can only be achieved by living the exact Bible way-Jesus' way:

These individuals choose their own lifestyle by breaking the 10 Commandments, including the 4th Commandment, which states: "Keep the 7th Day (Saturday) Holy", (God rested on the 7th day Saturday, and sanctified Saturday the God made the 7th day as Holy, and not the 1st day of the week "SUN"day the day of Baal the Sungod). Men changed God's commanded day from the 7th day to the 1st day. These individuals would continue to make everyone around them miserable, including themselves, by their breaking the 10 Commandments and choosing their own days and ways. Sunday was not put into force by men (Constantine) until 329 A.D.. 1st Century Christians were also thrown to the lions, tortured and burned alive by the Romans if caught worshiping on Saturday instead of Baal's day. Yet we have Christians today who give away their eternal life for the pot of soup (as Esau did) just because it is more convenient for them to go to services on SUNday. The only thing that Jesus can do with such an individual is burn them up, so that these individuals do not make all the other spirit beings, and themselves, miserable for eternity by fighting over days and ways. That is why one must follow the Bible "exactly" as written, and why it matters to follow the Bible "exactly" as written.

***Editor's Note:
Freedom is Slavery. This means that Freedom by itself is a form of slavery to the self. If one wants true FREEDOM, it can "only" be achieved by living by God's Laws, so that you do not impinge on others' freedom. Then everyone can enjoy and have confidence in their rights. Having Freedom to do "anything" you want is Slavery to self-will, and will never result in happiness, because no one can ever "get" enough to make them happy.

True freedom comes from inner respect for yourself and for/to God. To achieve inner respect you must live by God's ways to develop the character that gives you the inner respect. Then you are truly free, because you are now in harmony with God's Universe, and the way God created you to fit into His Universe, and the way He created you to be.

If you try to create what you think is Freedom, outside of the Universal Laws (of the Bible), you will never be happy. This is because God created you as a component of the Universe. For you to function happily as a gear in the Universe, you have to have God's peace and understanding, which can "only" be gained from complying within the parameters of the designed model you are. You are only a human, and do not have the intellect, or the eons of billions of years of experience to even know "how" to live happily.
Therefore people who think they will gain happiness when they are free to do whatever they want/think, are sadly mistaken.
Freedom, and hence ultimately happiness, and inner self respect: Come "only" by fitting in step with the Universe, and not by doing whatever you want. Freedom outside of God's ways is Slavery to self-will and you will "never" have enough, and will never be happy. Hence Freedom is Slavery.

The peace of God which passes all human understanding Philippians 4:7
is what you want, not freedom, and "that" inner peace/happiness can only be achieved by following God's written days and ways. 

3.) The third is Taratoo, which is a place of imprisonment for Lucifer, and the fallen angels, so that they can no longer cause pain and suffering in the Universe.

As you can readily see: These are the 3 separate words and 3 "types" of Hell, that are "all translated as the same word Hell", in the English Bibles.

Satan wants us to believe that "we" will be in everlasting punish"ing", but that is his fate, and not ours. For us it is everlasting punish"ment" = eternal death by fire, not eternal punish"ing", if we choose to disobey God and do not follow what is written and insist on our way and thereby create chaos in the Universe.


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This article was written also, because, many who I know through International Pharmaceuticals, are sick and dying, and have asked me:
"How" and "why", do you "Lawrence" have such faith, kindness, and confidence in God:
The answer is:
Do "you"
love God enough to do things "His" way?

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