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The fourth Commandment ...
It is dangerous to be right
in matters on which the established
authorities are wrong
. -Voltaire [Francois Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)

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Introduction Page: You are presently upside-down, turned backward, and turned away from Jesus' Bible ways and Days to Satan's Satanic Days of Ishtar/Easter and Baal's/Christmas and "Sun"day, instead of following Jesus' days of the Saturday Sabbath, Passover, and Jesus' Biblical Holy Days that will help you understand "the meaning" of life, and the purpose for your existence and of present and future life.

Section 1 (36 Pages) :
Will lay down the 1st Century Doctrines which are the Foundation of True Christian belief.
Section 1 will give the Introduction and Relevant foundational information.

  The Truth Is Not What We Determine for Ourselves

Fight truth decay >> Study the Bible.

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A.) No man is ever going to go to Heaven, nor has any man ever gone to Heaven except He who ascended* to Heaven-Jesus.
B.) Did you know that the Bible teaches that all dead people from the time of Noah to today "are still in the ground as dust" waiting for their change to come?
C.) Did you know that there are 3 resurrections and not just 1?
D.) Did you know that the 1st Resurrection occurs when Jesus comes back, but only involves a small number of individuals.
E.) Did you know the 2nd Resurrection lasts "only" for 100 years
F.) Did you know that the 3rd Resurrection is to put the unrepentant into a lake of Fire to burn them up instantaneously?
G.) Did you know that people will "not" be burning alive in hell forever as most Churches teach you?
H.) Did you know there are 3 different types of Hell?
I.) As you can see there is no "ever" burning hell at all, only a hell that burns one up to ashes.
J.) The second type of Hell, is for the 3rd resurrection for those who will be burned up in an all consuming Hellfire in the Lake of Fire*.
K.) Did you know that all the babies that were born without being baptized, and "without" ever even hearing the name of Jesus will "not" be burning alive in Hell forever?
L.) Did you know that all the people in the World that died in countries such as China, India, Africa, and Communist Countries "without" ever even hearing the name of Jesus will "not" be burning alive in Hell forever.
M.) Did you know that Jesus deliberately spoke in parables so that the majority would "not" understand his message and be saved "before" their appointed "called" time?
N.) Did you know that God will "not" give eternal life to someone who will not live the way according to"all" the 10 Commandments.
O.) Did you know that the 10 Commandments were never nailed to the Cross.
P.) Did you know that God deliberately "created us" from day 1 "with a selfish nature", that wants its own way no matter what, (just like a baby that howls until it gets what it wants).
Q.) When we are converted, we "have to" use God's Spirit as a tool to root out sin (disobedience) from our lives. That is what Christianity is all about. Christianity is "not" just about mouthing the words: "I believe Jesus is Lord", because the Demons also believe Jesus is Lord, but they won't obey, just like all the Denominations of the World refuse to obey "all" the 10 Commandments.
God's Holiday/Holyday Calendar Explanation and "written" Feast dates for 2006:

"Feast" Calendar for September 2007:
September 2007

Sundown times to start your Holidays/Holydays:

For further information on THE "GOOD NEWS" of the COMING KINGDOM see:

Commandment Keeping is "NECESSARY" FOR SALVATION.

Did Paul Teach and Keep God's Ten Commandments?
Matthew 19:17-19, Galatians 5:19–21, Romans 2:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9–10, Acts 5:32

God said: "I am the Lord that healeth thee" Ex 15:26:
Therefore it is “YOUR” FAULT
that you are “NOT” being healed by God.
Grace is a
"limited period of time"
to repent in:
To prove you will live God's days and ways, before you are put out of your misery (thrown into the Lake of Fire and burned to ashes/burned up in the Lake of Fire) as an incorrigible.

Section 2: 
  Diamond light
will lead you to: Advanced Spiritual Healing                                                                                                                                                                  
To the new Struggling non past WCG Individual
You are upside down.:
This page will lead you to a wake up call.
To WCG Leadership.
To WCG Members
(who are still on the membership roles of the WCG), you lose 3 ways=the fate WCG Members.
To all the breakaway groups from the WCG
(that broke away "after" the remnant body broke away in 1974).
To the World
The fate of the World:
It will be God's way or no way!!  A Catastrophic Curse could annihilate "all" the inhabitants of the Earth worse than Noah's flood, (as not even 8 humans will be spared), Malachi 4:6
for God will start over, "if" the inhabitants of the earth do not repent and live by God's days and ways of love.

The absence of evidence is
the evidence of absence.

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These pages are religious logs, also known as a WebLog, or Blog, by Lawrence A. Nowell totally independent.

The Obedient Church of God

is "the ‘only’ remnant body in the World", of Jesus' Church

= “God states: Church not Churches” Matt 16:18:

I will build My Church...the Gates of Hell [= other Churches that will lead you to Hell], shall not prevail against OCG.

Herein these pages are:

The “ORIGINAL” 1st Century N.T. Doctrinesof Christ and Paul

as revealed and commanded forever “IN” the 1st Century “New” Testament.

OCG still teaches the same “ORIGINAL” “1st Century Doctrines and ways” of Christ and Paul

that were re-proclaimed by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong for 40 years from 1934 -1974,

(before the ungodly changes of changing Pentecost to Sunday & allowing Divorce  were made in 1974, by the Worldwide Church of God).

Not even an angel from Heaven, (let alone other denominations), have the right to change, or add days, or differing ways, to God’s “ORIGINAL”1st Century Doctrines.

Galations 1:6


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This article was written also, because, many who I know through International Pharmaceuticals, are sick and dying, and have asked me:
"How" and "why", do you "Lawrence" have such faith, kindness, and confidence in God:
The answer is:
Do "you"
love God enough to do things "His" way?

You are only click here> alive for 1 hour and 40 minutes, that is why life goes by so quickly.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell