Point O

O.) Did you know that the 10 Commandments were never nailed to the Cross.

The penalty - the list of charges against you, the kieographone, was taken out of the middle of the court, and that list of charges against you was nailed to the Cross. Nailed to the Cross the same way that your speeding ticket could be nailed to the Cross and paid for you, but if you keep on repeatedly speeding "after" your penalty is paid, and if you "wilfully", deliberately keep on speeding after your penalty is paid: Then there remains no sacrifice for sin, but only eternal damnation. Heb 10:26


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This article was written also, because, many who I know through International Pharmaceuticals, are sick and dying, and have asked me:
"How" and "why", do you "Lawrence" have such faith, kindness, and confidence in God:
The answer is:
Do "you"
love God enough to do things "His" way?

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