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Smokey Mountains
with God's Animals everywhere
like the Garden of Eden

Overview of Locale/local Tennessee backwoods wonderful downhome people
(watch all of Video), 'cause this is "for REAL people": You must click here>>:

Map to Site: and to see Townsend area:

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*** Meeting Hall yet to be confirmed (depending on # of participants arriving):
The Valley View Lodge, 2nd Floor Conference Centre (holds up to 200)
7726 East Lamar Alexander Parkway
Townsend, TN 37882
1 865 448-2237
To be announced (depending on # of participants arriving).
Please first call Mr. Nowell @ 1 218 242-0542
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STAY, DO, SEE, MEET, EAT, ASK EchoBrooke Farm
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides, Hay Rides
Nestled in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, our collection of horse drawn carriages transport you back to a simpler time. Clip clop down a shady lane; amble through the countryside. Experience the beauty of the mountains at a leisurely pace. Request a picnic or candlelight dinner.
Our horse drawn carriages create the backdrop for lasting memories and stunning photos
*** Townsend is a fantastic Retreat from the World.

1.) How to get to Townsend by Air 2.) How to choose Accomodation

Townsend itself is quiet, and relaxing
at the Foot of the Smokey Mountains
and the Smokey Mountain National Park
with the Mountains just 3 miles away.
5 miles Outside of Townsend towards Cades Cove:
The mountains are ablaze with every colour of the rainbow (yes even purple), as the trees show God's creative Beauty of the Fall Season. Click here for a preview of what you will see>
And yes you will see Bears there all inside Cades Cove at the edge of Townsend>> and and and
You can get within 10 feet of a bear at Cades Cove>> and
For the adventureous:
1000 Foot long Zip lines>>
Then there's also
click here>>
Dollywood is just a short 30 minute drive from Townsend (like driving Downtown in your city) for those interested. Things to see:
National Gospel Celebration. 250 Gospel Acts during Feast Month
Dollywood will have 250 Acts to choose from during Oct 2nd to 31st>>
And when she drops by: "for sure" see and hear "Dolly":
General version click here> and here> and here> and here>
PG version click here> and here>
Mature version click here> and here>
Something Good has begun = a Feast of Rejoicing, come on the Peace Train in Dollywood>
Hello God>
Specialty Shops for Window Shopping >>
Skilled Artizans with centuries old hand-making crafts
This is Townsend and the People of Townsend

All in All Townsend is a "Fantastic" Feast Site
with something for Everyone
Be it peace and quiet
Craft Shops
A Rural Site
but With
Everything around it within 20 minutes.
Come and "Enjoy"
The Spiritual Sermons
God's Physical Creation
in Townsend, Tennessee
where people come from around the World
To see the Hillsides Change Color
In the Wonder of God's Creation

This is Townsend and the People of Townsend
This "is" another reason "why" God "blessed" the Townsend Tennessee Feast Site

Townsend Feast Site (Welcome to the Heart of the Bible Belt):
The whole Town's population is only 250:
Just so you "know" what the Townsend people are like (if the Place of Safety is Townsend we won't need any TV/Radio [:>) <grin>):
See 3:18 minutes: Sister and brother, joy to your soul, when you are sad, Yah comes and makes you glad.>
Check out 5:00 minutes: I'll be your Brother>
and the older folks>
and in General>
All ages participate>
Welcome to another World: It's another "World" of Dance/Clogging see 2:30 It's a whole other Godly culture of Happiness and joy>
And we "Clog" all day long, and into the night (Night time is when the "best Cloggers" come out of the Woods <grin>
I'm gettin' Ready:
They play all day long (1 more time)  <grin> , and into the Night>
It's a Happy Happy Happy Godly place for what they know about Yah! And are they ever "POSITIVE".
Fly away Home> <at 4 minutes "GLORY LAND".
This is Townsend and the People of Townsend
Preferred booking is for you to book at the Valley View

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The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
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