Original "NEW"
Never before heard
Worship & Relevant Music
1.) Spiritual Chariots of Fire
2.) I'm a "REAL" 1st Cen-tur-y Christian.   
3.) Come to 1st Century Doctrine  Click here
4.) High Flyin' Christian
5.) The Death of a God, for the life of a man
6.) I've Got a Message
7.) God's Jerusalem Hills
8.) 3 Meteorites in the Sky  Click here
9.) Ain't No Dank man gonna put me down   Click here
10.) It was "her" fault, not mine  Click here
11.) Warlords
12.) Churches DON'T KNOW what they're GETTIN' IN FOR
13.) Black Magic Churches
14.) Burn Baby Burn, then Christians Gonna Get THEIR Turn
15.) Hey! All you Christians
16.) Walking, Leaping and Bopping to the Kingdom
17.) Free as a Bird, and Spiritually High 
18.) God Loves "YOU". Click here
19.) i/WE are Sailing with God, to be near "HIM" to be Free, to be near HIM to be FREE!!! Click here
20.) We've got to get "back" to the Garden (before the fall), Because we've been caught up in some EVIL barGAIN. Click here
21.) Butterflies mark/mean/signify our change into "SPIRIT" Beings, after we "REPENT" and get back to the Garden, (and live "ONLY" the ways originally set out in the Bible and intended for the God's "FAMILY". Click here
22.) We've "GOT" to get back to the GARDEN. Carnagie Hall Version Click here
23.) Wake UP: Please, please read John 13:35 Click Here
24.) Leave all tpm/these troubles behind and obey the 50 Correct Doctrines: Click here
25.) There's a "NEW" Congregation in Town. Click here
26.) How to be in the Kingdom: Stop your yapping about everything, and start REPENTING. Get OVER It. Click here
27.) There's a hole in the World Tonight! Don't let there be a hole in the World Tomorrow!! Repent, so you are not missing/dead for eternity, in sorrow, from being in God's Kingdom. Don't let there be a HOLE in "The World Tomorrow" we want you to be there. Until you "LEARN" TO LOVE one another, You will "never" be in the Kingdom. We didn't put up a "cut" of live performance, because "YOU" NEED to THINK.  Click here
28.) Hurricane: Couldn't help to make you feel ashamed, Where Justice is "Just a GAME" . Click here
29.) You are LIVING under a river of "DARKNESS". You belong to the Beast. Click here
30.) You're the Problem: Its "BECAUSE" YOU Pogo Wikipedia: (Many of Kelly's characters such as Pogo are a sardonic reflection of human nature—venal, greedy, selfish, and stupid—but portrayed good-naturedly and rendered harmless by their own bumbling ineptitude). do not follow God's Days & ways. I have "SEEN" the Enemy, and it is "ME". Click here   and here.
31.)I dreamed I saw Mr. Armstrong last night  Click here
32.) Go Away You have no Works Man  Click here
33.) No one told you HOW to Unfold your Love =No one Alerted you, you were Inverted, you were Perverted Click here  and here
and Commercial style fun songs:
1.) Midnight Cat was a Friend of Mine, I used to feed him fish at Sabbath Time   Click here
2.)"You" are a Millionaire, because you are Christ's/Yeshua's Brother, and once He died and rose again, He made it possible that you "CAN" inherit your own personal Galaxy. You "ARE" a Millionaire with "eternal riches awaiting "YOU"   Click here
3.) At The Feast Again
4.) I'm Working on a BUILDING. Hint: "You" ARE the Building (you are working on) as a Temple for HIS SPIRIT to DWELL IN YOU "TODAY" = "NOW"!   Click here
5.) The Israelites Click here
6.) Congress shall make no Law Respecting the Establishment of Religion Click here
7.) Poncho (Lawrence) and Lefty (Dankenbrink) Click here
8.) Happy Feet - Time for me (TO COG) to fly for God July 22/09 TO COG is Incorporated in "additional Nation/Country". Click here
9.) I did it, GOD'S WAY (re only 1 God's Harvest Festival Feast of Tabernacles) I did it GOD'S WAY. Click here
10.) The "BEAUTY" of "all" God's Races of people/humans Click here
11.) God's "Family" is: A "Family of all Colours" of people/humans Click here
and "Classical Historical Moments":
1.) Louis Overstreet Click here
2.) Eve of Destruction Click here
3.) Exodus: Movement of the People (to the Place of Safety by 2014) Click here
4.) WAR / We don't need No more Trouble / What we need is love Click here
5.) I Won't Stay in a World Without Love Click here. Time Marches on: Repent and Love God's the "Pentateuch," (1st 5 Books of the Bible). For "time" happens to all of us, and our "time is short" on this earth. see Peter and Gordon "now": Click here
6.) You'll Never Walk Alone (3 tenors) Click here
7.) Don't worry about "The BEAST", because Jesus is coming to rescue "some" of us. Just "LOVE" one another "NOW". Click here
8.) What a Wonderful World Louie Armstrong Click here
9.) Christians "CAN" get by with a Little Help from their friends Click here
10.) We at The Obedient Church of God are waiting for God's Son to arrive. Click here
11.) David "did" dance and kick up his heels in praise to the Lord. King David "LEAPING" and Dancing before the Lord 2 Samuel 6:16; 20-21 Click here
and "Songs you will hear at TO COG Feast 2010":
1.) Exodus, Bob Marley Click here
2.) My Sweet Lord, George Harrison Live 1979 Click here
3.) Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen (London performance) Click here. And here.
4.) What TO COG members will happily say/sing to the Government Beast constabulary: Rollover Beethoven, and keep out of our way 'cause; "I'm Allright, Hey, you Don't Have To Worry 'bout me." Click here   Archived Version
5.) Go Tell It On the Mountain Click here   Archived Version
6.) "PAVE" Paradise and put up Parking Lots, and put up Rat Packed City Housing! Click here
7.) On the Very Last Day (everyone is gonna pray) Click here
8.) We will Follow in their Footsteps (Jesus' & Paul's) At the Rising of the (Crescent) Moon Click here
9.) When you meet Jesus, Jesus may list to you "EVERYTHING you have Ever Done". Click here
10.) If I Had My Way (in this wicked World) Click here   2nd coloured version
11.) "Bear" has a Hammer, Bell and A Song to Sing All over this Land Click here  Longer Version

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell