Satan “controlled” people “SUPPRESS” the TRUTH:

Suppressors ARE Ignoramuses and utter fools


1.)  = they won’t allow= DESTROY  Internet Sites so TRUTH SPEAKERS can’t be heard.

2.)  = they DESTROY the TRUTH SPEAKER’S videos and pages.

3.)  = they DESTROY God’s worker’s/PREACHER’S Internet pages.

They “ARE” DESTROYERS, though they call themselves Christians!


To these DESTROYERS we state:


Watch out!

There is a BOOK of Death, as well as a Book of Life.


where all the EVIL Dead are JUDGED by their EVIL works.


 For the wrath of God isagainst …. men, who suppress the truth ,,, Romans 1:18 KJV


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One of the his last Sermons in July 29, 2017 before he died EXACTLY 30 days later on August 29, 2017, around 1:00 pm. The cause seems to have been of congestive heart failure and renal failure. 


Sermon just before Dankenbring's death;   Video Archive