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1.) Re-Discovered Truth, to help you understand the future:

The 1st Christ (the demonic The 2nd Christ to arrive circa 2020-2021Re our King Yahveh's/Jesus' return:

We are now experiencing"<

Because the 7 years of Tribulation haven't started yet, (as of this writing December 2013) and ongoing "Delays", Yah may "not" return until SeptemberReason for the delays:

The NWO (New World Order) got delayed for 3 months in Libya, (before they could take out Quaddaffi, and take control of Libya).

In June 2012, the NWO was delayed for 1 year by Syria (Syria which has the strongest best equipped Army in the Middle East).

And still ongoing in 2013 in Syria, (especially during November 2013), the USA was not allowed to invade Syria with UN ground Troops.

So there "has been" and is "much" delay!

The King of the South has not even arisen yet!

The script is "already" written in Revelations, but it is just the timing to be altered/fulfilled.

We want Yah to return as soon as possible.

We and the entire creation groan Romans 8:19 waiting for the Saviour of the World Yah, to return and be King of the World, ruling all Nations.

Presently there is an indication that Yah will return in 2021, because:

There should be a Peace Treaty involving Israel in 2014.

That Peace Treaty will be broken 3 years later in 2018.

Therefore the 2nd 3 more years must commence/start with the start of the "Great" Tribulation circaTherefore:

September 20th, 2021is the earliest, that Yah our Brother "mathematically"Caveat: But when the tiEditor's Note- Deeper Understanding 301 Level Caveat for Bible Scholars:

Unless those days are cut short, and given back to Satan after the 1000 years, (when Satan once more deceives the world after the 1000 years are ended). Rev 20:7.

Ergo: Those days "must" be cut short, or no flesh will be saved alive. For 90% of the people will be killed before Yah makes his return. Isaiah 6:13.

Remember Revelations "DOES" state that there "will" be delays. Revelations 10:6.

And conversely "unless those days be shortened" no flesh would be saved alive. Matthew 24:22.

The 7 years of Tribulation could/should start in 2014.

The 2 Witnesses could/should start preaching March 20, 2018.

We could/should be gathered into the Place of Safety circa March 20, 2018.

The 3 year "Editor's Note:

Since Yah's Bible states let there be "no 'more' delay" Revelation 10:6, ergo there has been and will be delays.

And indeed we are now experiencing the delays.

·       The bottom line is that NOW as of December 2013 the 7 years have "NOT" started yet, because there

1.) click here for> October 6, 2007 Stating that Yeshua/Christ Jesus will arrive in 2019 (September 20)=
The 2 Witnesses start preaching March 20, 2016.
We are at the Place of Safety by March 20, 2016.
The "Great" Tribulation starts March 20, 2016.
2.) click here for> March 31, 2010 "Complete" Passover Service: It is the "MANNER" in which you take the Elements, "NOT" your being worthy. Don't let any minister beat you over the head with I Corinthians 11:9 because unworthily is an adverb which describes the "MANNER" of the partaking of the Elements. Unworthily is "NOT" a noun, and therefore does not describe the person.
3.) click here for> April 1, 2010 1st Day of Unleavened Bread Sermonette: The Wise "Shall" Understand. By William Ramey
4.) click here for> April 1, 2010 1st Day of Unleavened Bread Sermon
5.) click here for> April 3, 2010
6.) click here for>  April 7, 2010 The Last Day of Unleavened Bread: We must "MOVE" out of Sin "QUICKLY".
7.) click here for> April 10, 2010
8.) click here for> April 17, 2010 He that is not busy being born, is busy dying. You are "NOT" born again yet.
9.) click here for> April 24, 2010
10.) click here for> May 1, 2010
11.) click here for> May 8, 2010
12.) click here for> May 15, 2010
13.) click here for> May 21, 2010 Pentecost
14.) click here for> May 22, 2010
15.) click here for> May 29, 2010
16.) click here for> June 5, 2010
17.) click here for> June 12, 2010
18.) click here for> June 19, 2010
19.) click here for> June 26, 2010
20.) click here for> July 3, 2010
21.) click here for> July 10, 2010
22.) click here for> July 17, 2010
23.) click here for> July 24, 2010

24.) click here for> July 31, 2010 Proof there was a Pre-Adamic creation. Google "Forbidden Archeology". The Vatican will use the Palestinians as a front, for the Vatican to get control of the Old City of Jerusalem.
25.) click here for> Aug 07, 2010
26.) click here for> Aug 14, 2010 You have 30 days to REPENT, before you "have to" appear before God's Throne!
27.) click here for> Aug 21, 2010 A.) You will "NOT" be forgiven unless you confess your sins to God in prayer. I John 1:9. B.) And You are being judged NOW today!!
28.) click here for> Aug 28, 2010 REPENTANCE is FUN! "Enjoy" Repentance! Repentance has to be without regret= That is "HOW" to turn the Hearts of God's Children to Yah/The Father. Repentance is HOW HOW HOW to enjoy "Happiness", = to be in a Relationship with Father, and not to be in a relationship with the Devil! You have to "Serve" Somebody, so serve GOD, and "every" jot of GOD, so that little you, can have happiness. Repentance "IS" HAPPINESS.
29.) click here for> Sep 4, 2010 You will be judged in 7 days = 7 days till your Trumpet Judgment Day.---Like a Model Airplane, you must be a small Model of Christ/Yeshua.---Obama is Nebuchanezzar/you must not bash Obama.
30.) click here for> Sep 11, 2010 Trumpets: 1.) If you did not Repent properly during Elul 1-30, = now you have to go into the Tribulation/Days of Awe, to give your head/be beheaded. You may still be in the Kingdom, "but" you will "not" be in the 1st Resurrection. 2.) Satan's Trumpet: "YOU" are being "TRICKED" into a Christian/Mulsim WAR like sheep for the slaughter by the Media. "After" you fight the Muslims you will be exhausted, and then "you" will accept a New 1 World Religion that falsely promises no war, because you are exhausted from fighting the Muslims. "When" both Christians and Muslims are exhausted from fighting one another (King of North vs King of South), they will both be offered a Satanic Religion, and "will" follow the NWO (New World Order) Satanic Religion. This Satanic plan to trick you into a New Religion of false peace has been in place waiting since 1871. That is "why" all the phony TV airtime is being given to the 911 ground zero Mosque controversy = to suck you into fighting the Muslims, and exhausting you emotionally and physically, so that the NWO can offer you something other than Christianity, which you will accept, because you are exhausted.
31.) click here for> Sept 18, 2010
32.) click here for> Sept 20, 2010 Day of Atonement
33.) click here for> Sept 25, 2010 1st Day of Feast
34.) click here for> September 26 2010 2nd Day of Feast The Beast's Religious plan is "ALREADY" BEING IMPLEMENTED!
35.) click here for> September 27 2010 3rd Day of Feast There are "only" 24 people per year that will be in the 1st Resurrection. 
36.) click here for> September 28 2010 4th Day of Feast God "clearly" states you are to DWELL = live in (sleep in) Temporary Dwellings = "not" just spend 1 hour a day! If someone "DWELLS" in the mountains, that means they eat, sleep, and live in the mountains. For 7 days you "SHALL" "DWELL" in Booths = "NOT" in your regular house.
37.) click here for> September 29 2010 5th Day of Feast You "ARE" Living on the EARTH which is the Hell of Satan "TODAY" in 2010.
2010 is the "Result" of 6,000 years of Satan's rule, period.
Little "you" are in this BIG "MESS" in 2010, because little you, followed Satan's WAYS.
The Leaders "YOU" elected are "SATANIC" Agents of Satan.
"YOU" are living in OZ, while the "wizard" Satan, is pulling "all the Strings.

38.) click here for> September 30 2010 6th Day of Feast 1.) Obama said: "Thank you Satan", in his acceptance speech (reverse mastered). 2.) "Satan's" Hell is "this" World. 3.) Satan's Hell is a "mixture" of Good and EVIL.

39.) click here for> October 1 2010 7th Day of Feast: A new Species is going to take over the earth: "US"

40.) click here for> October 2, 2010 Shemini Atzeret. The NWO's (New World Order's) "next" False Flag operation (after their 9-11 trick) will be in 2011 be to state: "The UFOs/Aliens are about to attack and Kill Us ALL! We must "Unite" all Countries/Nations of the World to fight against the Aliens. That is "how" they will bring in the NWO/Beast power to save us.
41.) click here for> Oct 9, 2010 Yah's/God's Date Line is at the Euphrates (original Eastern border of Israel), "NOT" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Australia (and all countries West to the Euphrates) must hold Sabbath Services on Sunday in order to keep God's 4th Commandment, and not work on God's Sabbath which is Sunday in Australia.
42.) click here for> Oct 16, 2010 Oprah and Obama are "WRONG": There is only "1" way into Eternal life, and that is "ONLY" through Yeshua/Christ Jesus.
43.) click here for> October 23, 2010 1.) God predicted the possible outcome of Lucifer "before" Lucifer was created "via" the 3 "missing" stones of Lucifer. 2.) Proof that: The Dome of the Rock "IS" over the Holy of Holies. 3.) They will negotiate to build the 3rd Temple around the Dome of the Rock, leaving the Dome of the Rock standing but being "encompassed" by the 3rd Temple. It will be an ecumenical agreement between all religions, showing a new "oneness" between all religions.

44.) click here for> October 30, 2010 1.) Lowest "Low" Pressure ever recorded in the USA on the Anniversary of Paul Wellstone's Death/Murder. 2.) Nestor Kirchner who was to succeed a the next Argentine President, dies suddenly/prematurely just like Paul Wellstone. 3.) Drug Resistant Superbugs now in the USA. 4.) China "WARNS" that USA's Currency War is a "Tomb Maker". 5.) Halloween Exposed. Bonfire means Bone Fire. 6.) Harry Potter Sorcery is now practiced by our children. 7.) Editor's Note: Natasha (Obama's Daughter's name) is Ah, Satan spelt backwards.

45.) click here for November 6, 2010> 301 TEACHING: You "ARE" all living in a country run by the Prophets of BAAL. Elijah will rebuke "you" & all your BAAL Leaders.
46.) click here for> November 13, 2010 No "DUPLICATING" Yah's Feast & "NO" pagan Osiris/RA turkey gOD table centerpiece.
1.) We give Prophecy that comes true:
2.) Princess Diana "murdered" in underground Tunnel, "exactly" the same as underground Temple.
3.) All the Leaders of Israel are Satanic Masons. Netanyahue is a Mason, Shimone Perez is a Mason, Ehud Barach is a Mason.
4.) Masons run Israel, the World (Obama is a Mason), and the Leader of the EU is a Mason = Juan Carlos who is a Mason.
5.) These "Masons": Netanyahue, Shimone Perez, and Ehud Barach will "DELIBERATELY" cause Israel to lose the next war, SO THAT Jerusalem can be chopped up.
6.) "Masons" run the World.
7.) There is "NO" hope, until Yeshua comes back.

47.) click here for> Nov 20, 2010
48.) click here for> Nov 27, 2010 If you "deny" Yah's/God's commandment of "NOT" to add a day to God's giving of the Law: You shall "NOT" add to it Deut 12:32; and 7 day Feast Deut 16:13, then you ARE a Demonic Minister of Satan:
You "ARE" worse DEMONIC minister, when you tell people to use a Turkey Centerpiece, which for 4,000 years has been the Pagan gOD/symbol of RA and Osiris to honour Yah/God. Do not have a Golden Calf or a Golden Centerpiece Turkey. If you want to argue, then where are "your" Scriptures to show that little insignificant demonic you the clay, can tell the Potter to add an 8th day which is a "Pagan" day to Yah's Feast of Tabernacles. Use Scripture. Do not slander Yah's servant! "YOU" ARE an agent of SATAN, when you "add" an Encyclopedia "Proven Pagan" Turkey/Cosmic Goose day to Yah's Days.
49.) click here for> Dec 4, 2010
50.) click here for> Dec 11, 2010 1.) The word Shalom was used by the Jews starting 1881, but existed for over 2,000 years in Sanscript as: Bacon for you! We today have Salome in our stores, (just take the "e" off because you can take off vowels in the Hebrew). Plus the daughter of Herodius Salome was the instigator that requested John the Baptist's head be cut off. Salome did the "Snake Dance" for Herod. Salam is one of the names of Allah. 1st Century Christians never used the word Shalome. In greeting and leaving 1st Century Christians used the word "Maranana.  2.) Israel's Star of David is a Pagan Symbol. The only symbol for the tribes in the Bible is the "Burning Bush" that never is consumed. The Burning Bush symbol should be Israel's symbol. 3.) The Witches and Pagans celebrate Christmas as one of their highest satanic holy days.
51.) click here for> Dec 18, 2010
Blessed is the man who keeps from defiling God's 7th Day Sabbath in Australia.
It doesn't matter "how" the Rabbis number the days West of the Date Line, because the 7th day is always the 7th day.
Because the Date Line jumps Yah's Sabbath a day early, Australia "must" celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday.
Rabbis cannot change/jump the 7th day Sabbath.
To him that "knows" what is right to do, and does not do it, to "him" it is sin. James 4:17.
Hebrews 10:26 If you "know" God's Sabbath is the 7th day, and if you "know" the Rabbis have moved God's Sabbath on the 6th day in Australia and the Philippians, and you have the Sabbath on the 6th day: There is "NO" sacrifice for your sins. Therefore you go to Hell/into the Lake of Fire you go.
52.) click here for> Dec 25, 2010
1.) The Witches' High Sabbath is December 25.
2.) Re the Date Line: There are 7 Days in a week, and the Yah's/God's weekly Sabbath is "ALWAYS" EVERYWHERE on the 7th Day.
3.) The Rabbis cannot jump Yah's/God's 7th Day Sabbath on planet earth, to the 6th Day. Period!
4.) The 7th Day has never been done away with.
5.) "You" still count 7 days, (not 6 days).
6.) 1st John 2:3 By this we know that we love Him, if we "KEEP" His commandments.
7.) Christmas is one of the 8 High Sabbatts of Witchcraft, known as Yule.
8.) It is the great "Feast of Saturnalia". Invictus the SUN gOD.
9.) The USA is now "Officially" Sodom and Gomorrah, declaring that Sodomy and Lesbianism is "approved of  by Congress".
"Sodomy is approved of"
by Congress.
10.) The Red Eclipse of the Moon on December 21, "marks" the seriousness of rejecting God's law against unnatural lust. That is no way round it that it is unnatural. It is now just as in the days of Noah, before the flood, and the days of Lot before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

c Lawrence Nowell
The Obedient Church of God
 c Lawrence A Nowell
c c Lawrence A. Nowell