Make Preparation to FLEE


TIP:  How to SURVIVE a nuclear attack when outside of the 3-mile Blast Zone= Calculation for avoiding Lethal Dosages of Radiation in the next Nuclear War

Right NOW the governments are COMMANDING you that you CANNOT QUOTE God's Bible, so you must get ready to FLEE

WAKE UP, you need to store 1000 lbs. of food per year to just eat 1 lb./16 ounces per meal

Wound Kit

 Hunting Map

Basic beginners “Essential” SURVIVAL Toolkit

Basic “necessary” BOB (Bug Out Bag) Items

Be a “MAN”

Buy “Earth tone” coloured clothes NOW so you are “not” a BRIGHT VIVID Target

How to set up a Bear Fence for your Bug Out Camp

When it’s TIME to Bug Out, WHO WILL “DIE” FIRST?

Critical Survival Knowledge/ 45 Tips

50 More Survival Tips

 How to survive/live “without” any Camping gear, except an Axe, Knife, fishhook & line, & Ferro cerium striker

You like Joseph MUST be a Prepper, "NOT" a sluggard

Facebook is a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) trick/TRAP to later hunt you down

How to avoid being EATEN by Bears

You can be locked up for just what you say, or who you know

You MUST see this, to know how to DO THINGS OFFGRID Escape the city

You "NEED TO" move out of EVERY CITY because genetic specific weapons will be used against Cities by the Chinese

Build “SEVERAL” SAFE Christian hideouts

FREE winch to pull your vehicle out of the mud in the woods

How to set up your sword without extras & here is the list of FEMA Camps YOU will be locked into if you don't FLEE the hence

Place of Safety Infrastructure

HOW to pack your Line #1, #2, and #3 gear

How to build “different types” of Nuclear Shelters (all need 2’ of dirt over them)

How to build a no weld “backwoods Gasifier” to run a gasoline electric generator for free.

 Homemade Tools

 HOW TO cut out living NECESSITIES from trees


You will NOT be able to buy a car License Plate, nor a Driver's License

Disappear INTO/on the Appalachian Trail from Townsend, Tennessee


Vital CALCULATIONS of acres needed for when you can't buy food re NOT TAKING the Mark of The Beast. You will NEED to  Live on/HAVE a 5 acre Farm SO THAT you don't starve to death

You MUST purchase this particular SEED PAK

What the Gov't will do to you if you stay in your/"their" city

WATCH this Genocide "REAL ACCOUNT"-NO ACTORS as God's Bible STATES: The coming USA Canada Genocide will be "worse than ever before" = worse than this

Never sit in an "open" area

First step has been taken to pave the road to "cut off your head"

Canada has taken ANOTHER STEP to pave the road to "cut off your head"

How to NEUTRALIZE Bear Spray that is accidentally sprayed on you

Say to Police: "I'll be happy to answer all of your questions in the presence of Counsel"

.308 is the Proper caliber of "defensive" bullet to use

Martial Law shuts you up= you cannot do or say anything

NEVER engage in ANY conversation with Police after you give them your Lic, Reg, and Insur. BECAUSE police can lie and testify that YOU said Something, THAT YOU DIDN'T SAY

If you don't BUY a handgun you are  helpless idiot, and YOU ARE DISobedient because Christ TOLD YOU to buy a gun (sword)

Develop COURAGE to Fight

There are mountains in our way, but we take 1 step every day

You "MUST" buy this Model of Scanner because there will be no cell phones, no Internet, no regular radio available

Tell the minister these FACTS when he "goes against Christ's command" to sell your cloak and buy a Sword/gun= take personal responsibility for yourself and don't be a coward

How to find your lost dog

You can be seized from your home and "Locked Up" NOW in a FEMA Quarantine Camp in New York

Don't talk to cops. Just hand them your Lic, Reg, and Insur BECAUSE of what cops got FIRED for, it's 30,000 EVIL cops (not just 1 bad apple)= 30,000+ CROOKED cops

YOU must buy a Gun

After you arrive at your bug-out location, be sure to do a Tree Whisper

USA Illegal aliens inside the United States can now BUY guns "without" a Background Check

Drink 2 beers daily, to prevent your Blood from clotting so you can avoid dying from a Heart Attack

200 Miles per Gallon using 1 gallon gas tank

ENTERTAINMENT when Bugging Out

Government money is "NOT" money

You MUST have a 12 gauge using Slugs

YOU will be shot DEAD just like this family was shot DEAD, if you do not BUY a GUN. Wake up you sleepers or DIE at the hands of a criminal

Super tips for when Surviving/Camping

Cops can  LIE to you, so don't answer Questions

When Society collapses & you have to FLEE YOUR HOUSE here is the equipment you need to buy "NOW"

How to SHOOT to DEFEND yourself

YOU "will" be killed "IF" you don't have a gun

Change all your money into Silver and Gold coins

YOU "HAVE TO" LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS "because" Christians are a sitting ducks if they don't move into the forested Tennessee Smokey Mountains

"YOUR" Future within 2 years

YOU are a Sitting duck if you don't own guns

Should people be allowed to carry guns openly?

3 Platforms (3 types of guns) you MUST have

You do NOT open your door to police FOR "ANY" REASON, without a warrant