We are "RESTORING" all things. Church Ministers ARE living in a DELUSION, and REFUSE to Repent.

"EVERY" minister in "EVERY" Church MUST repent & change now, to OBEY "ALL" God's TRUTHS on this Site.

"ALL" ministers now preach LIES & worse yet: Others fool you with "some" Truth but it also is "MIXED with LIES".

"YOU" Mr. minister are "not" an exception!

Click here> Proof we "ARE RESTORING"/Following God's Bible "MORE" than any other Church in the whole World.

How can you DEVELOP Character by living the “BEST” CORRECT way “IF” you don’t have or know “ANY” of the Father’s “Rules” THAT ARE THE BEST to live by?

God will put into your new body your old cassette tape (memory) back into you when he raises you from the dead= that is why you have to develop good character.

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