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Will little 'you' "EVER" learn to "DO" the GODLY 1st Century Doctrine/things little 'you' SHOULD?
October 2023 Sewing Center and Congregation
Pictures of our Congregations
TO COG Pakistan Congregation Pentecost June 2024
Church Brethren
Christians previously MURDERED in our Congregation
Schooling the Children
Desi Girl Sewing Center
Prayer and Bible Study MEETINGS
Prayer meeting and Sewing School
Teaching our Brethren how to Sew, just like Paul who was a TENTMAKER
BURNED TO THE GROUND homes and DEAD and INJURED Christians by a Muslim Mob Attacking them in 2009 & they are STILL SUFFERING
The members' chickens have been blessed/grown strong
Our MEMBERS are not going to starve this winter
Previous Holy Day Calendars
Pentecost 2022 in Asia
Church Children
Hens Distributed to Asia Brethren
Our TO COG Church in ASIA
Donations: Make a Donation to "THIS" Romans 9:28 Short Work. Get these Truths out to all the World via Broadcast Ads & STRENGTHEN Yah's Work!
We are now in the Birthpangs= Everyone/90% of "US" will be killed in the next 7 years Isaiah 6:13.
God smiles at me, right above my house on Matthews Mountain
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MTV wished you a "Satanic" Merry Christmas. MTVs "hidden" symbolism in its Christmas commercial!
The Plain Truth about Christmas
Xmas (mass=death) "IS" Satanic but you Christians and the Pagans "still" decorate and sit at the "SAME" Solstice Pagan X-Mass death table!
See the Pope holding the symbol of SUN gOD on his Cross/staff at 1:01 of video, and the SUN on the cross with the Obelisk in St. Peters Bassilica. The POOP follows the Satanic XMAS SUN gOD, not the true God. Wake UP!

New Year's Celebration in the Middle of Winter January 1st is a Devil's Pagan Festival.
Yeshua is THEE "LION" who will TEAR APART "ALL" the Satanic World Governments for you to be FREE! AMEN- Let it be SO. Maranatha, Yeshua is Arriving in POWER "THIS" time= "As a LION (not as a Lamb). Repent!
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"AWE"= Know Yah's & Yah's "Power"= Logos and Father El Shaddai The Journal issue No. 181 link
The World is falling apart in the Middle East and America. You "MUST" PUT ON YOUR ARMOUR!
"ACTUAL" Computer "VISUALIZATION of what the MODERN MODERN MODERN 2012 3rd Temple "WILL BE" like.
Valentines Day is totally Pagan. It is the Pagan Feast of Lubercus.
Valentines Day is PAGAN to it's Core
God's Horses
It is "WORSE" than you think. Here are some of the actual people who "will" cut off your head!
Click here to see all your leaders giving the "HAIL SATAN" Hand Sign
Scroll to bottom of this link, to see “POLITICIANS” giving all seeing “eye” sign
Visual “PROOF” that “ALL” the World’s leaders Worship Lucifer the Devil
  • YOUR Leaders are ALL "SATANISTS", actual photographic visual proof. It is "REALLY" "REALLY" "REALLY" WORSE than you know. Watch your entertainers "PRAY" pray pray to THE DEVIL. A "REAL" Prayer to "SATAN" by the people you watch in Movies and Video.
    MTV wished you a "Satanic" Merry Christmas. MTVs "hidden" symbolism in its Christmas commercial!
    Demons "ARE" running everything in the World, "BECAUSE" Satan is the God of this World = The 'WORLD' "IS" Satan's domain = You "are" in Hell Now: Job 1:7; 1 Pe 5:8. Ruler of this world: Jn 12:31; 14:31; 16:11; Prince of the power of the air: Eph 2:2; The god of ... 2 Corinthians 4:4. "Believe" your Bible. Therefore: Demons "ARE" 'RUNNING' the World.
    Ministers WILL be WHIPPED/LASHED.
    Your Government leaders "ARE" your ENEMY
    The "INSIDER" speaks out against the crooked system
    Flouride in "your" home's Tap water: Sodium fluoride is the most violent protoplasmic "POISON" known to Science! First "USED" by Hitler to quiet down the people in the Countries he invaded.
    Professional Political Prostitutes: Your Politicians "are" fronts for Corporation Propoganda/misinformation for "their" financial gain, power, and control: The "TRUTH" about the "phony wars" on Cancer, Aids, and Bio-Terrorism and Terrorism. Your "lack" of knowledge could kill you. How they use these subsitute phony wars, instead of war that destroys their Banksters/Industrialists' cities, and still make money on "phony wars". In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism-Full Length Documentary. PROOF your Government created the man-made Viruses of Aids and Ebola, etc.. Your satanic leaders are following Satan's instructions to kill us humans. Listen to this "CONCLUSIVE" EVIDENCE!
    Yah will prevail over our present "evil" Leaders. We are "not" your cannon fodder. Get out of Yah's way!
    New Year's Celebration in the Middle of Winter January 1st is a Devil's Pagan Festival.
    The Plain Truth about Christmas
    See the Pope holding the symbol of SUN gOD on his Cross/staff at 1:01 of video, and the SUN on the cross with the Obelisk in St. Peters Bassilica. The POOP follows the Satanic XMAS SUN gOD, not the true God. Wake UP!
    God's Love for us shown by the Creation he made for us to live in
    LOOK to the FUTURE
    "EVERY" DAY to drive out negativity and FOCUS on Greater Things=Beauty
    An intricate look into God’s Superb MAGNIFICENT creations
    4 minute Serenade to contemplate/collect your feelings/ TO BE AT PEACE during the coming chaos & collapse
    Chopin in 432 Hz to relax yourself, and to relax/calm even your pets/pet animals.
    ALWAYS stay humble and Kind
    Song to listen to during the Last Dinner.
    Bonus song during Friday’s LAST Dinner in honour of Christ Jesus our Saviour for what HE did for us.
    I'm Leavin' my troubles behind, 'Cause I have NO fears, BECAUSE "I FOLLOW" every jot of God’s Bible as Jesus did.
    Covid Prayer: Hide Thou me with Lyrics
    Covid Prayer: Hide Thou me
    Soon "YOU" are going to be a Spirit Being/Jedi
    Amish Paradise
    Dr. Zhivago
    You've Got To Serve Somebody=either the Devil's Ways or God's Ways
    You've got to walk that lonesome valley BY YOURSELF.
    You've got to walk that lonesome valley BY YOURSELF.
    Since I laid my BURDEN down
    Father Father There's too many of us dying [in Corporation Wars]
    I’m a WAYFARING stranger on my way home [to God’s Kingdom]
    Theme Song of TO COG The Obedient Church of God EXEMPLIFYING how we PREACH DRIVE THE POINTS HOME see 6:11
    Elisha's song: ALL is WELL
    Jesus is WITH YOU through it all
    Working People’s Music
    We've got to get out of this Satanic Place
    Brothers in Arms. YOU did not desert me my Brother
    Redemption Song
    Stand By God, so that God will stand by “YOU”
    This Train is Bound for Glory!
    There “WILL” BE Civil WAR in the USA.
    TO COG (The Obedient Church of God) “WILL” CARRY YOU
    You’ve GOT a FRIEND
    Listen to POSITIVE MUSIC instead of today’s limp crap, for GOOD MUSIC click here
    I'm On The Right Road Now
    I Came Here To Stay
    Sam Cooke - It's Been a Long time Coming
    Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come>
    Yah/Jesus is Returning to SAVE US
    The Governments will PERSUE and MURDER us Christians (as they did the South). Lamentations 4:19 Revelations 20:4
    We will “NOTtake the Mark, will die proudly INSTEAD wearing Christ’s MARK as our Banner.
    Submit Prayer Requests
    Read Prayer Requests
    You “can” STOP Getting Sick!
    Foods that will shorten your life/kill you
    12 foods you must "NOT" eat
    Put this film OVER your computer screen to stop the blue light that can lead to LOSS OF VISION
    Fish that are Acceptable as "CLEAN"
    Healing CODES for the Biological Apocalypse
    Toothpaste is A TOXIC POISON, and Fluoridated TAP water is a POISON!
    Frying food CAUSES Cancer
    How to return your hair to its NATURAL COLOUR
    Cancer CAN be cured in 2 weeks
    STOP going to your doctor for cancer treatment, or he will kill you with his ignorant nonsense.
    Cancer victims who do "NOT" go to a cancer treatment center live "LONGER" than those who get treated
    Obesity IS a Nutritional Deficiency. Period.
    Health Overview to PROVE you need the 91 Nutrients
    How to live to be 100 to 120
    Eat these 10 foods every day to stay healthy
    Amish Medical Treatments
    Distilled water will remove the "bad" NON-organic bad solid minerals from your body, but will NOT remove the organic minerals but will clean out the body from the inside.
    Foods in your Grocery Store that WILL KILL YOU
    Take 350 Mg (not Mcg) = 1000 times more Selenium
    Xmas (mass=death) "IS" Satanic but you Christians and the Pagans "still" decorate and sit at the "SAME" Solstice Pagan X-Mass death table!
    Turkey Day is coming: Buy a Turkey for the Pagan Harvest Home Festival, and Easter Eggs for the Easter Festival, and Chocolates for the Valentines Day Festival, and Halloween Pumpkins for the Halloween Festival, and Christmas Cakes for the Christmas Festival
    Birthdays were the days the gODS/Demons were with you, SPELLS were cast for and against you, and presents were offered to the gODS/Demons.
    Pagan Days
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    Don't follow SUNday
    Spiritual Healing
    We "LOVE" YOU Yah, come hell or high water
    Sin "is"
    Animals "are" a lot smarter than you think
    Your church is Anti-Christ
    Temptation of Jesus
    You have to be a "MODEL" of Christ
    I found it Necessary to command you to: Contend=Fight for 1st Century Doctine
    "You" have "NO" authority to ignore Yah's Crescent Moon
    God is "NOT" a Trinity
    34 Reasons why the holy spirit is NOT a separate person
    Ministers should be PROSECUTED for FRAUD AND JAILED like the lying Iceland Bankers were.
    Admonition 1: Your minister is “NOT” your Leader/Head!
    Admonition 2: STOP SINNING...Right after Passover by having the Passover on the 15th!
    Admonition 3: Part2: STOP SINNING...
    Admonition 4: You “don’t” have the right to be stupid, when you are causing the Eternal Death of your Members.
    Admonition 5: “EVERY” offshoot COG Moves God’s Holy Sabbath to Friday.
    Admonition 6: Sinister offshoots who DISobey STOP ignoring and Hiding
    Admonition 7: The TERRIBLE DISobedient state of the OFFSHOOT WCG Sinisters today Jer. 23:9-12
    Admonition 8: WAKE UP YOU SLEEPERS Eph 5:14 YOU are NOT an Exception
    Admonition 9: Ministers have “WILLFUL” DISOBEDIENCE TO CLEAR SCRIPTURES.
    Admonition 10: You sinisters could “CAUSE” God TO “KILL” US ALL
    Admonition 11: “YOU” ministers “ARE” “CAUSING” Sin
    Admonition 12: God COMMANDS us/you to: “Mark” The Evil Ones/the sinisters. Romans 16:17
    Admonition 13: It “IS” The Biggest Mix-up that you have ever seen: Days were pushed ahead & scrambled, so you CAN’T SEPARATE what they mean
    Admonition 14: Stop your “LYING” you SINisters, saying that Jesus took the Passover
    Admonition 15: Ministers are CAUSING sin RE: Please: YOU must add these 2 pages into your last issue.
    Mission Statement
    Long live God's Way
    1st Amendment = Mr. Bear The Last 1st Century Evangelist
    Background Music
    34 Points that show divine "INSPIRATION" when you are OBEDIENT
    Fig Tree 2015
    Doctrine (Specific Articles)
    How to do the Passover
    20+ RESTORED DOCTRINES of God and 100 in total "Understandings"
    Restored Doctrines By The Obedient Church of God TO COG "IS" THE ENDTIME WORK OF ROMANS 9:28: 20+ RESTORED "Critical" DOCTRINES of God
    Why the Rabbis and Ministers are "WRONG" about "man's" International Date Line
    Rebuttal to Date Line "Fallacious" arguments
    Man's false Date Line. Australia must hold Yah's Sabbath on Sunday.
    Who we ARE
    Contact us
    Donations, tithes, Offerings
    Stop trying to "INTERFERE" with God's Plan!
    Spiritual Healing Advanced Therapy
    You are Upside Down
    How You Broke God's Heart
    A.) No one is going to Heaven!
    B.) "All" dead people are dust
    C.) There are 3 resurrections
    D.) 1st Resurrection a small number
    E.) 2nd Resurrection lasts 100 years
    F.) 3rd Resurrection is into a lake of Fire
    Explanation of 3 Resurrections
    G.) People will "not" be burning forever in Hell
    H.) There are 3 different types of Hell
    I.) Gehenna Hell burns one up to ashes
    J.) Gehenna Hell is the 3rd resurrection
    K.) Babies not baptized are "not" in Hell
    L.) People that died "without" Jesus will "not" be burning alive in Hell forever
    M.) Jesus spoke in parables so that the majority would "not" understand
    N.) God will "not" give eternal life to one who will not live "all" 10 Commandments
    O.) The 10 Commandments were never nailed to the Cross/Tree
    P.) God deliberately created us with a "selfish nature"
    Q.) What Christianity is all about
    For WCG & UCG Members
    The Holy Days for 2023
    The Fall Holy Days for 2023
    The Fall Holy Days for 2022
    The Holy Days for 2021
    The Fall Holy Days for 2020
    The Spring Holy Days for 2020
    Pentecost 2020 is Friday Daytime May 29
    The Fall Holy Days for October 2019
    Our Bretheren in Asia
    The spring Holy Days for April 2019
    2019 Sacred Year Start
    Feast Days 2018
    Feast Meditations and Praise
    Feast Days 2017
    Fall Feasts 2016
    2015 September Calendar
    2014 Feast at Tremont Lodge & Resort
    Introduction for the members: 2014 Holy Days
    Yah's 2012 Feast Calendar
    Yah's 2014 Feast Calendar
    Lulav Explanation
    How God's 35 acre Temple Mount site actually looked in 70 A.D.
    7th Day of Feast is Great Last Day
    A preview of Yah's Kingdom; Best Friends:
    Ambassador Auditorium for sale now in July 2024 for 45 Million Dollars
    Festival 83 - The Young Ambassadors
    Still pictures of our Campus

    The USA is "DOOMED" financially even without Terrorists and World War. Every citizen will have to pay $120,000+ "every" year in Taxes, just for the USA to Survive!
    9-11 Total Proof that Bombs were "planted" in the buildings.
    9-11 "WAS" shown right in front of your eyes, a "Month" before it occurred, for the purpose of Masonic "Lesser Magic".
    Scientific "PROOF" 9-11 "WAS" done by the USA Government! USA leaders are demonically inspired lying devils. We must pray that God's Kingdom comes.
    The USA is now the World's 1st "Under"developing Nation/Population, that Bankers and Corporations in control say: All for "ME" = 1 for just 1 and "None for Many". (The ANTI-Tea party song).
    Even children know there is "no" hope.
    Visual "PROOF" your corrupt Government is arming itself "INSIDE" the USA to make WAR on "YOU".
    A Winter Soldier speaks out how your Illumanati Satanist Government Leaders "ARE" your enemy.
    The Complete Idiots Guide to the New World Order.
    REBELUTION= REVOLUTION "WILL" Hit the USA: "Another" murderous USA REVOLUTION "IS" COMING to the USA. I'm Takin' My Country Back say 25 USA States "WILL" "REVOLT"! It's in the air- "ALL" us HONEST/BRAVE people can feel it/KNOW it is coming!
    Anti-Immigration song: Star Spanglish Banner
    WATERboarding is TORTURE! We TORTURE God's creation/Nations!
    Scriptures that "PROVE" the NWO (New World Order) plans to KILL us Christians by BEHEADING us!!!
    It is "WORSE" than you think. Here are some of the actual people who "will" cut off your head!
    Picture of the "REAL" Barack Obama
    Actual words on Georgia Guidestones state: Reduce population to 500 million
    How to "recognize" Chem Trails
    Chem Trails: Aluminum particles to reflect the Sun's Rays and Barium to suppress you immune system "ARE" what they are dumping on us via Chem Trails, that are sickening us.
    Morgellons Disease in Chemtrails "PROVEN"
    Morgellons Worm that will get into your skin
    Texas KENS TV Station reports on Morgellons in Texas
    Government admits deadly Chem Trail spraying
    SYMPTOMS of Morgellons; and Government Records show your Government "IS" SPRAYING YOU; and Toxic CHEMICAL Level Report "IN" the Air you breathe. Real Death From Above: Morgellons Epidemic
    Truth is stranger than Fiction re the Worldwide Masonic Order
    Pope signals date of NWO (New World Order) March 25, 2012
    Leave the USA and Canada while there still is a Delay
    Obama says the USA is "NOT" a Christian Nation.
    This "previews/proves" how Christians will be treated worse: How "Free Speech" in the USA is treated, in Oct 2010
    The excuse that will be used for the New World Order
    Barack Obama "MOCKS" God's Bible
    Details for World War III were planned out back in 1871
    90% "Guaranteed this will happen to "YOU" before 2018. Isaiah 6:13
    No matter "who" you vote for the "PLAN" is the Same: Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran.
    Universal Soldier
    The Fall of the USA Republic: Voting "CANNOT" fix the problems because "BOTH" rePUBLICAN & DEMONcrat parties are "PUPPETS" controlled by the Corporations & Banksters & indeed the World is controlled by IMF (International Monetary Fund) & Banksters.
    Crystal Ion Air Turbine runs solely on its own using no fuel "only" ambient air (the air we breath). This is "not" a compressed air engine. Can be scaled to power a lawnmower, car, or airplane. It was never allowed to be produced.
    Quantum Locking/Levitation
    There is Electro-Magnetic Zero Point energy propulsion free energy being hidden from you, along with Alien 1950s crashed Space Ship Technology also being hidden from you, and as many as 12 UFO crashes per year, complete with Alien bodies. The USA Air Force since 1960s and especially 1994 has manufactured Flying Saucers: see 1 hour 17 minutes. They are now IFOs (Identified Flying Objects complete with 57 species of identified Aliens).
    Plasma Beam Weapons "are" being used against UFOs, to shoot them down to collect wreckage, and "Reverse Engineer" the Aliens' technology. See also the "swarm" of UFO's at 4 minutes 50 seconds of this Video.
    UFO cow abduction caught on German farmland Video
    Even Moscow's skies are experiencing unknown activety
    Plane and Saucer crash 1974
    UFO "FLEET of Ships" coming out of Mother Ship
    "Actual" BROOMSTICK "Flying" Witch. Harry Potter is REAL "EVIL".
    High Tech UFO (not reverse engineered by US Gov't) The "REAL" Alien Craft showing Sophisticated Engineering
    1994 Nellis Airforce Base "SUPER Secret" UFO sighting
    Spirit Being appears: Deceiving Spirits "are" working miracles.
    The USA can be "EASILY" DEFEATED with Scalar weapons. The TRUE ENERGY Equation is "not" Einstein's false equation of E=mc2
    A new type of matter known as color-glass condensate.
    Nibiru/Wormwood Explained
    Significant Date May 20 2012 spelled out by Crop Circle
    DNA Crop Circles Show a DNA Change = Nephilim are at it again.
    Reject the Laws and God will "KILL" you.
    Christianity 101
    Sabbath 7th Day Proofs that Sabbath is "NOT" SUNday
    Satan Says: Don't let the "Past", remind us, of what we are 'not' now.
    Video Sermons
    Sermon Transcripts
    Audio Sermons
    Your Minister is "NOT" you Leader/Head
    Prophecies (Specific Articles)
    The White Horse Chat Room
    Famous Jewish people include Madonna, Courtney Cox, Albert Einstein, and Elvis Presley
    Correspondence Korner
    "REAL" News
    Etiquette Primer
    Hymns of Favourite Praises to El Shaddai & Yahweh
    God's 2012 Holy Day Calendar
    Next Kiddish/anticipated Crescent Moon "visible" in Jerusalem
    New Moon Sighted in Jerusalem on Sunday August 12th, 2018
    Crescent New Moon "possible" siting Charts
    Crescent Moon Report
    Next New Moon Day
    Times to start God's Sabbaths
    How to do the Kiddish
    Kiddish Closing Hymn
    How to observe the Jerusalem Crescent
    This Gospel shall be preached to ALL Nations
    "India" Residents click here
    Political World Map (enlargeable)
    God's Israeli borders vs man's Israeli borders
    Maps and Virtual Trip Through Jerusalem
    Jerusalem Monthly Average Temperature
    Why "1000 YEARS" is as 1 day to God
    You "still" have FREE WILL with Time Travel, but you "cannot" change the past in "your" previous Dimension
    Time Travel "CANNOT" change the Human Life Cycle, for the dimensions of your realm/world (not applicable to God's Realm), are MUTUALLY "exclusive" in Space. Branching and Folding dimensions are not relative to the "existing" Parallel Worlds.
    DIMENSIONAL Vortex PORTHOLES "DO" EXIST: Beings/Aliens/Demons enter our Earth through WORMHOLES above Mexico and England (= in our sky above us). AMAZING VIDEO: UFO's enter the Earth's Atmosphere through "WORMHOLES", (by bending Space and Time).
    Actual picture of Wormhole
    Overview of Theoretical AstroPhysics:  One of Yah's/Jesus' talents "IS" as a precise Mathematician who CREATES "beauty" (using Quantum Mechanistics), proving the World is not Determanistic, because we cannot (though Yah can) calculate the results themselves. You cannot live with black "AND" white as part of your being. The key is Yah (nor you) can live with "gray". Only Love grows LOVE.
    UFO "Giant Mothership" and smaller baby ship taking power (look at arc of electricity) to baby ship at end of Video.
    Doomsday: Alien Saucers cloaked in cloud formations, spotted in Russia and Romania
    Shut up, don't YAP with your mouth, "INCULCATE" THIS into your Mind: UFO Mothership caught by Jet's gun camera.
    A "TRUE" genuine "UN"known UFO from Nellis Air Force Base.
    UFO Ship TERRIFIES "hysterical" villagers in South America
    Aliens have been activating and de-activating man's Nuclear Missiles since 1960. Actual Sworn Testimony and Hearing footage and Court Affidavits prove it.
    Swarms of UFOs HUNDREDS of UFOs "all at once" in a "SWARM" show of strength/numbers.
    CERN Physicists have created Antimatter. But it currently would take 1 billion years to make 1 gram of antihydrogen, so it looks like the USA will still be the greatest Military Power, and Europe still is "not" the greatest Military Power.
    Selected Articles from: The Plain Truth Public Domain Archives
    Search a former associate's site, to backup what you learned here
    You are Laodicean
    Mission statement: Wake Up: 90% of YOU will be KILLED, if you do not follow every JOT.
    On Nov 5 we predicted another False Flag Incident that came true on Nov 9th with the "UNKNOW MISSLE".
    Definitions: False Flag & Lesser Magic definitions
    Voting "Doesn't Matter": The "Elite Rich" just sucker you into voting for their Actor/pawns like Ronald Reagan who destroyed the USA by taking off all the Tariffs and all our jobs went to China. Reagan lying about trickle down economics. Nothing trickled down, that is why we have no jobs today. He just tricked you. There are "NO" Political choices, they all are the same DEMONcrats or re PUBLICAN pawns.
    100 year Plan of the NWO outlined and attested to!
    Those Who Doubt the NWO Conspiracy...Listen Closely
    Total Proof of the New World Order
    Wake UP! The Worldwide collapse is "already" HAPPENING. FOOD Prices up 40-300%!!! Food "RIOTS" NOW in the World's Cities.
    You "WILL" have to agree to have a chip on you. or you will STARVE TO DEATH.
    Revelations 13:16. Right "NOW" they can enter your homes and "NOW" and lock you up without charges, and hold you indefinately. Absolute power "HAS" corrupted our Leaders ABSOLUTELY. Our Leaders are Absolutely Corrupt leaders doing a list of these things in this Video to you behind your back. HAARP even "burned" the Dolphins to death!
    Japan Earthquake caused by HAARP!
    Martial Law "WILL" be declared "without" approval of Congress!! They already "secretly" wiretape "EVERYTHING" YOU SAY on your phone and everything you type in your E-Mail. Even misdemeanours are classified as "Terrorists Activities", and HR9155 states you "cannot" speak against bad government and evil, or you are a terrorist!
    The coming Nuclear War(S) will be worse than this!
    Every Bomb "YOU" make, God will be watching you.
    To the NWO (New World Order) every place I go "your" Satanic face I see:
    No WHERE to "RUN", No "WHERE" to hide from the NWO, "UNLESS" little you, comes into the "SAFETY" OF "TO COG" THE "OBEDIENT" CHURCH (OF GOD).
    Old Trees/Christians just grow stronger day by day: Wars are for "NOTHING" but profit. Us Old Trees/Christians "ARE" going to SMASH this Satanic system with Yah. No one in the World can defeat us.
    Many will run to and fro. Daniel 12:4 The yellow dots are airplanes in the sky during a 24 hour period. You will see the light of the day moving from the east to the west, as the Earth spins on its axis. Also you will see the aircraft flow of traffic leaving the North American continent and traveling at night to arrive in the UK in the morning. Then you will see the flow changing, leaving the UK in the morning and flying to the American continent in daylight.
    For Spiritual Healing click here
    Yah's "MAGNIFICENCE" via His Lightning!
    Proof that the Yah created the Sun, Earth and Moon, "BECAUSE" the current conditions are "impossible" to achieve via nature.
    The Lamb William Blake: Little Lamb who made thee, He is called by your name.
    Be in TO COG "THE Obedient Church of God" and be Saved and Have Fun in the Process of "UNDERSTANDING" because the "WISE" WILL understand. Hosea 14:9.
    Healthcare for "everyone" (not just selfish "you")! Jesus said: "Love your Neighbours "as much" as "you" love yourself": The Answer to the expert in the Law was: Show pity, go therefore and "do" the same [for your neighbour]. Luke 10:25
    Regardless of the adversity in your life, do not let adversity change you or stop you. Homeless boy steals the Talent Show. Follow your dream/Perserver.
    LOVE lift us up where we "Belong", from where few hearts survive. There are mountains in our way, "BUT" we Climb a Step everyday! (song writers version)
    Bear Note Gestalt: Last admonition to you my Brothers & Sisters: "KEEP" our LAMPS "trimmed" an' burnin', the race is "almost" WON.

    I just "wanna" be a sheep, and obey "only" God = 1 of Yah's/God's sheep